Kaia - The Princess Of Wales
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Kaia - The Princess Of Wales


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What is Kaia - The Princess Of Wales

Read Kaia - The Princess Of Wales novel written by the author Fluffy_Fluffle on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Historical Romance stories, covering romance, action, mystery, conquer, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


She cannot love anymore. He doesn't know how to love. She disregards him. He despises her. She is the moon that have lost its light. He is the sun that burns every sensibility alight. A lost princess and a cold hearted prince. Bound by fate without a choice. Will she let go and begin to love? Will he give way and learn to love? Will their destiny end in felicity or melancholy? Kaia's life is far from perfect. And so is she. But to keep up appearance as a princess one should act perfect. Or you'll be the jester among royalties. She never expected to be married off to a prince and she never would have thought he'd be the one to succeed in driving her mad. Hanson's life is filled with responsibilities. He is far from perfect. He never gave a second thought to life other than carrying out his duties. He never expected to be married to a woman who had already given away her heart, much less take an interest in her. And he never thought she would be the one to drive him mad. But what they don't realise is how they have grown fonder of each other. Until its too late... WARNING: -The story will have scenes of violence and tragedy. It's highly tragic, trust me. -It's a slow burn (including the romance, the mystery and action) -Mentions of suicide and self-harm will be there. -High mentions of LGBTQ+ elements via supporting characters, avoid the book if you are uncomfortable. Readers discretion advised. This is my first story so I'm doing my best to develop it as I write. I'm not really great at English so forgive me if there were any mistakes. DISCLAIMER: Also I do not take credit for the cover picture. If anyone did know the artist please let me know. And If the original artist would like me to take it down please do contact me.


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One of the best books I’ve read on this site. The characters are well written and the romance is good too. There are some amazing banter and roasts in this book which I really enjoyed reading.


Personally, I love tragic romance and the first three chapters literally gave me chills. You can see the story get shaped every chapter. Looking forward to reading more about Dahlia.


OK 5 chapters in and I must say that the amount of sadness in it is scary 😣 almost like the author was not planning on anything of joy happening to Dahlia anytime soon 😂😂 Anyways nice story so far, a few grammatical errors here and there I guess I still need to read further to comment on world building.... Characters are still in the early stages but good work with Dahlia so far, I really do feel for her 😣 Anyways nice novel overall, keep up the good work author. I would give five stars but I don't believe in perfection so I hope my rating is accepted 😊


Hello guys! Author here. I just wanted to give you a heads up. This is a pure historical romance with zero fantasy elements. You can consider it the toned down version of a romantic game of thrones minus the fantasy. The romance and action is slow to progress and there is a lot of mystery surrounding both the main characters. The setup has two countries based on as main background at first but there are two more that comes later. The story has many characters and almost all the characters play a part in the book or the next series so it'll be a lil hard to remember them lol. Anyway thanks for taking up the book and have a happy reading.


I personally felt very attached to the main character right from the beginning when the author gives us a sensory effect to the opening. As the story progresses, you will start to feel like you’re in a medieval landscape with all those knights and damsels surrounding you. A very good read, definetely recommended.


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