1 Going Back


I can't believe mom is actually agreeing with dad on this, how can she be so stupid. I don't think I'll ever speak with her after this. "Honey come on now hurry up, your dad's running late"mom shouted from downstairs. Rolling my eyes I flip my suitcase open and toss everything that screams me inside. Letting out a puff I look around my room not really fond of the idea I'm not coming back anytime soon.

Dragging me and my huge bag with me actually struggling, "you know theres no need for you to be coming with clothes because obviously you already got them in L.A." I drop my bag immediatly and look at dad with wide eyes and my mouth agape, "I knew I was forgetting something,sorry honey it must've slipped my mind." he says running his hand through his brown neat hair making him look like some kind of bad boy, now I know why mom fell for him. My dad definitely was no no rephrase actually is still a charmer.

Looking at mom I can tell she was debating whether I go with the clothes or not,once she came to a conclusion she nodded no and to be honest I was shocked but who am I to go against wishes. I just left the bag lying at the bottom of the stairs walking towards the front door, turning I just shot my mom a wink and she returned it with one of own showing of her exquisite smile, moving my eyes from mom to dad I glared at him trying to signal him that let's go. Without wasting time he hugged mom and kissed her forehead promising he'll come visit soon.

When he came out I was already settled in the passenger seat in the car, driving out of the drive way he asked "ready honey?" and I nodded my head looking at the place im going to miss so much. We arrived at the airport and went aboard, suddenly that's where it all started to sink in...that I'm going back to my hometown, that I'll be starting a new school, that I'll probably have no friends not that I want them but atleast having 1 wouldn't hurt but worst of all I'm going back to the place that I hated just because of 1 idiot. "Dad,can't I just finish atleast this year here?" I asked him and he only responded by shaking his head indicating no.

Apparently mom was going on a 6 months business trip hence why I'll be living with dad all this time, she doesn't trust me living alone for 6 months and I don't blame her because I also don't trust myself being alone for so long.

Finally landing in L.A I was welcomed by warm air, its always been a warm place. Dad called a cab and we were on our way to the place that will always be home, arriving at the drive way I already spotted my favourite spot which was just a noble tree I admired. Smiling I turned to see dad already opening the front door "welcome home princess" he announced with an accent. Laughing I went in noticing nothing has changed but then again it's my dad we talking about, the dude is stingy AF. I went in all the way to my room and grinned upon seeing that he made simple changes like changing the colour and replacing the single bed with a queen sized, I so love my dad right now. I launched myself on the bed and damn it was comfortable that I fell asleep in a matter of seconds.


Soo this is my first book,hopefully you guys like it:)

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