1183 Semi-Finals (4)

As Metagross charged at Aegislash at full speed there was no way Metagross is going to change direction to avoid King Shield.

And because of this, the Dragon Rush landed on Aegislash causing a massive explosion, the ground beneath them shattered into fragments of dust, and the other area of the battlefield was covered with cracks that spread like a web.

The shockwave that followed was not small either, it traveled through the whole battlefield, and even the audience got to experience it as they felt the impact all over their body, luckily the shockwave isn't harmful, or else the stadium's defense forcefield would have been activated.

Everyone watched curiously as the smoke faded away and everyone could see Mega Charizard X just standing there huffing air, it used all its power behind that attack but it only suffered from a backlash as Aegislash didn't even move an inch, all the damage just got reflected and on top of that because of making contact with King Shield, its attack suddenly went down.

Julian "Finish it, Sacred Sword"

Aegislash suddenly changed form and turned into his Blade Forme, his blade then suddenly glowed and slashed at Charizard in the blink of an eye.

Charizard didn't even see it coming, there was just a flash of white thin light across Charizard's body which then suddenly exploded in form of a chain reaction, once the chain reaction ended Charizard just stood there motionless as its mega evolution suddenly faded away revealing the regular Charizard.

The Charizard suddenly went on its knees and then collapsed on the ground, the referee quickly checked on it and found out that Charizard has been knocked out.

Referee "Charizard is unable to battle, Aegislash wins"

The referee made the call.

This shocked everyone, they thought that a mega evolved Charizard should have put up a better fight but it didn't, it got destroyed by a single move from Aegislash.

Alain was shocked, he didn't expect this, he thought his chances of surviving were pretty high but it looks like it was all in his head.

Julian on the other hand expected this, this is the first time a pokemon of his just outclassed other pokemons in his team, Aegislash is improving so fast that he might even catch up to Julian's old pokemons.

His strength has even surpassed Porygon who is a living computer and can calculate millions of possibilities in a second but it still cannot keep up with how fast Aegislash is growing.

When Julian first caught Aegislash he was very happy as he found one of the best pokemons to train but as time went by he realized that how ridiculous his Aegislash really is.

Even without Julian's help Aegislash could have become a champion-level pokemon, he wouldn't even need a trainer, he could have become a champion-level pokemon in the wild and might have even surpassed it.

But with Julian's help, he might even be able to break the limiter and pass level 100, breaking the level 100 limiter is near impossible, even some of Julian's pokemon from the Hoenn region have not broken the limiter.

His Kanto pokemons have broken the limiter but some of them are stuck in level 101, the only pokemons who are continuing to level up without any issue are Infernape and Snorlax, even Gengar is stuck in his current level.

But what Julian has observed till now, Aegislash will soon break the limiter and might soon surpass some of Julian's Kanto pokemons.

With such talent and ability, there was no way Alain's Charizard was going to win.

With his Charizard down, Alain had to send back his Metagross back into the battlefield and he once again went for a mega evolution.

Though there is no limit to mega evolve pokemons during a battle, seeing two mega evolutions by the same person in a battle has not been seen before.

Bright lights flashed on the battlefield as Metagross started to change, its body became bigger, its arms changed forms as they started to look more menacing,

As the light faded away mega Metagross roared out loud declaring its presence n the battlefield.

Even with a mega evolved pseudo legendary pokemon will not make Julian break a sweat, Aegislash will just overpower this pokemon no matter what.

Julian "Use Sacred Sword"

Julian didn't wait this time, the faster the battle ends the earlier he can watch the battle between Ash and Julio.

Aegislash pointed the end of his blade at Metagross and shot towards it while also leaving a trail of light behind him.

Alain "Use Protect"

Metagross suddenly put up a forcefield in front of it trying to block the incoming attack, but as Aegislash got closer, the air was cut leaving a weird gap in space while his blade hummed.

As Aegislash made contact with the shield with its sharp end it went just right through it, the blade was able to go past the shield as if going through butter but as the hilt came in contact with the shield it severely stopped his momentum but it was enough to shatter the shield.

Though Aegislash's momentum was stopped the edge of the blade did make contact with Metagross and sent it a few meters back but it was able to survive.

Alain "Use Flash Canon"

Alain "Shield Forme, King Shield"

Before Metagross could even charge up the move he switched his form and activated King Shield, Metagross blasted a powerful Flash Cannon at Aegislash but the move had no effect on Aegislash as King Shield took all the damage.

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