212 Julian Vs Steven

Julian got up and stood in front of Steven.

Julian "Where do you want to battle?"

Steven "We have a battlefield here, we can go there"

Julian "I hope there is protection around the place"

Mr. Stone "Don't worry Mr. Julian, the protection around the battlefield is as strong as the once seen in the league's battlefield"

Julian "That's good"

Julian said and walked behind Steven as he directed Julian towards the Battlefield.

When Julian arrived in front of the battlefield, he got impressed by how good the condition the battlefield is maintained.

As the people around the battlefield saw Julian and Steven taking on each other they got shocked and quickly started to message their friends and family about this battle.

This thing became like wildfire and everyone in the Devon corporation gathered up around the battlefield, some people started to videotape and tried to record the battle.

Julian "Let's get started, how many pokemons do you want to use?"

Steven "One will be enough"

Julian "Ok then, I choose Tyranitar"

Julian sent out his Tyranitar.

As Tyranitar came out he roared causing everyone to shiver a little, he had a metal band around his neck and it had his Mega Stone placed on it.

Seeing Julian's Tyranitar people around the battlefield took a deep breath, his Tyranitar is very intimidating and with that Mega Stone around his neck, they were all startled.

Steven 'Indeed his pokemons are powerful, even though he started new, he is still a champion and he can rise any pokemon to its full potential, I have to put a lot of effort in this battle'

Steven thought and took out a Pokeball and looked at it.

Steven "It may be our hardest battle ever, partner. I choose you"

Steven sent out his pokemon, it is a Shiny Metagross, its body reflected the sunlight of it and the golden cross on its face looked intimidating, it also had a metal band around one of its inner arms which hold a Mega Stone as well.

This battle seems to be very interesting, while Tyranitar is weak to Metagross's Steel typing but Tyranitar's Dark-type is completely immune to its psychic attacks. Metagross is resistant to Tyranitar's rock type and weak against his dark type.

A battle between two powerful Pseudo-legendaries is going to be devastating.

Steven "Metagross let's go, Meteor Mash"

Julian 'He is starting off hard, let's see then how he will handle this'

Julian "Tyranitar use Counter"

As Tyranitar heard Julian he moved to the side and dodged Metagross's Meteor Mash, while it was still moving forward, Tyranitar brought down his hand on top of Metagross and planted it on the ground.

Just this one attack shattered the battlefield causing web-like cracks forming on it.

"Oh my Arceus, did you see that, just one hit"

The spectators took a deep breath, even though this is not the strongest move they had seen in their life, being performed by a champion's pokemon made it more extravagant.

People were like that, they would idolize anything that belonged to a great person.

This didn't mean that Tyranitar was no strong but the people already started to see him as an invincible force.

Steven's Metagross got up and returned back to Steven's side.

Steven "Are you ok?"

Metagross nodded and shook off the pain it received.

Steven realized that charging carelessly would cause an instant defeat, even though he didn't go all out on this first attack, neither did Julian.

If Julian wanted that chance he got, he could have easily dealt a very powerful dark move and could have defeated Metagross.

Steven "Metagross, use Flash Cannon"

Metagross then positioned its two arms in front of its face and started to collect steel energy in between its arms.

Julian "Counter with Dark Pulse"

Metagross shot a powerful Flash Cannon towards Tyranitar and Tyranitar countered with Dark Pulse, both attacks collided in mid-air and caused a huge explosion, the protection of the area rose up quickly and stopped the blast from reaching the audience.

The air got distorted and it came back to how it was, smoke filled the battlefield and blinded everyone's vision.

Julian "Tyranitar bring in the Sand Storm"

As Tyranitar heard Julian, he activated his ability Sand Stream, which caused the surroundings to change, suddenly sands started to blow around the area covering the ground completely, the smoke disappeared but it was meaningless because the Sand Storm affected Metagross's vision, since Metagross's body is pure steel it won't be affected by the harsh blowing sand but its vision is still affected.

Steven "Metagross, close your eyes and feel the changes in your surroundings"

Since Psychic powers cannot detect the dark type pokemons, Metagross has to focus on the changes that happen in the surroundings but it is very difficult because of the Sand Storm.

Julian "Dark Pulse"

Tyranitar suddenly attacked with a powerful Dark Pulse, Metagross has no idea where the attack is coming from as its eyes are closed and it cannot detect the dark energy.

The Dark Pulse hits and sends Metagross crashing on the ground.

Steven "What do I do?"

Steven was in a pinch, he didn't expect that he would be trapped in such a harsh situation, even Drake didn't put him in such a bad place, while Julian just did it with one move, Tyranitar's ability and his typing was really working well here, Metagross cannot utilize its steel typing to attack Tyranitar if it cannot see and it can't even dodge his Dark-type attacks.

Julian just looked at Steven and shook his head, he realized why Drake said he was not ready to become a champion.

Julian 'He thinks too much, even Ash would have put on a decent battle against me right now'

Unlike Steven who is thinking too much Ash doesn't think at all which makes him very unpredictable and a decent opponent, whereas Steven, Julian could easily read him and put him in a difficult position very easily.

Seeing that Steven isn't able to think of anything to get out of this situation, Julian decided to end it here so he won't embarrass himself too much.

Julian "Tyranitar, finish it, use Crunch"

Tyranitar roared and suddenly a massive jaw made of dark energy appeared around Metagross.

Steven "Metagross move"

Before it could even decide which direction to move the huge jaw came down and slammed shut on top of Metagross repeatedly.

Metagross couldn't handle it and fainted.

The Sand Storm settled down revealing the fainted Metagross.

"Did you just see that Steven Stone was taken down so easily, as expected of the strongest champion, even his new pokemons are monsters"

The people around the battlefield took a deep breath in astonishment, people who were taking videos of the battle quickly posted them on their social media.

Steven just stood there, he didn't know what was wrong with his battling, his Metagross is as powerful as an Elite four's pokemon but it still got handled down so easily by Julian's Tyranitar.

Julian "It's not always about who's pokemon is stronger, well its a known fact that a stronger pokemon would win against a weaker one but when it comes to battling it's completely different, you just need to stop thinking too much about the situation and focus on your pokemon and everything will be fine"

Steven "What do you mean?"

Julian "Just focus on your pokemon's strong side, not the opponent's weakness, let you pokemon focus on its opponent, your job is to guide it properly in a battle, you, on the other hand, is only thinking how you can defeat me and my pokemon's weakness"

Julian said and called back Tyranitar.

Julian "Rest of it, you have to figure it out yourself".

Julian said and turned around and walked towards the exit where he saw Daisy and Chloe waiting for him.

Steven just stood there thinking what Julian said.

Steven "Don't think too much?"

Steven doesn't know that this experience will one day put him amongst one of the most powerful champions in history.

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