Journey to the One Piece

Transmigration!! Check! Weird System!! Check!! Shake the One Piece World? Not done yet! But definitely on the bucket list of 'must-do' things. Ken, who was transmigrated to the One Piece world became the extra which popped out of nowhere on the door of Curly Dadan one night. Follow the story of how Ken, with the help of knowledge of future events and his system change the One Piece world! Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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"You didn't speak of this before because you didn't trust me?" Nami asked as she had her head down. She had been on the ship for sometime now but Zoro had got the help while she didn't. It meant that Ken had known about her from the beginning.

"In a sense, yes. But it doesn't matter now. You have chosen to trust us and put your faith in this crew." Ken smiled as he didn't want Nami to be struck in the cycle of guilt. They have all done things that they might not be proud of.

Even Ken himself let the child Luffy get tortured for sometime in order to insert himself to the story, and that was one of the decision he wasn't exactly proud of. But on the journey one shouldn't have too many regrets or else one would forever be burdened by its weight.

In response Nami gave a smile.

"Please stand here while I use my Devil Fruit power."

Sanji, Nami and Usopp all stood in front of Ken. Usopp and Nami were particularly excited. They always had a sense of inferiority complex about their power and their usefulness to the crew. Though none of the crew cared about their input in the group they still hoped that they could help.

Especially Usopp, who had been trying hard to make new gadgets and make his slingshot more effective.

"System, take the three of them to simulations and let me, Luffy and Zoro see their world."


New subjects accepted.

Simulating characters and worlds...


Like the last time, Ken invited Luffy and Zoro to watch their friends' simulations. And they readily accepted. First was Usopp's character and among all the characters that they had lived or known, Usopp was the character who died the fastest.

Usopp's character chosen by the system was Asguiaro Ebern.

The Arrancar that turned into Quincy when Yhwach granted him powers. Yes, the character that had appeared very shortly and died almost after 2 or 3 manga chapters. His powers were basically tuned towards Quincy as he never showed having an Arrancar's Resurrección.

Ebern appeared in the manga (and the recent episodes) in front of Ichigo Kurosaki in order to seal the Bankai of Ichigo which he failed and then returned to Yhwach. It was there Yhwach killed Ebern saying that he had done a great service.

And this small journey of the Arrancer turned Quincy ended. Though he was shown very briefly he did have powers to boast about. Arrancar's high speed movement known as Sonido was known by Ebern.

He had his own Quincy cross and even the Spirit Weapon that he could use to blast spirit energy with. His Spirit Weapon was huge which had multiple cannon like openings which he used as a bow. All in all, this was an archer and could fit the character of Usopp.

Of course Ebern wasn't a very powerful character if taken into account of all the characters in One Piece but having a foothold in the first half of Grand Line was easily achievable if Usopp could finish the character growth.

Luffy and Zoro were surprised by the character of Usopp and they wanted to know more.

"Who is this Kurosaki Ichigo? He seemed to have a special sword." Zoro was particularly intrigued by this.

"Complete your character and maybe you will know and live one of their lives. Their lives revolve around their swords, so you might just hit the jackpot."

Zoro was surprised when he heard the words of Ken. He was right. He just needed to finish the Yoriichi's character and then he would get another chance and maybe he would live the life of this 'Kurosaki Ichigo'.

The black blade that he termed as Bankai seemed really powerful. At least he couldn't defend against it.

Next was Nami's character. Nami got a character which even Ken didn't expect. All this time everyone had anime based powers, but Nami got a movie based powers.

Hermione Granger, a witch who studied in the Hogwarts School with the boy who lived and red haired Weasley. In other words Nami went the magical route.

"There is magic too in different worlds?"

"Of course there is magic. This world could be at best an average world for magic wielders. real magic is much more powerful." Ken replied.

"You really know of many different worlds. You should speak more about them. I would love to hear." Luffy said as he wanted to know more about different worlds.


Nami's character didn't need any introduction as her character was famous for her knowledge in magic and she was also quite powerful in her own way in her world. Ken was happy to see Nami getting someone who was obsessed with books.

This will help her in her future endeavours.

The last one was Sanji. Sanji got a character which Ken had no idea about. In his previous life he tried watching as many anime as possible but it didn't mean that he had watched all of them. And Sanji's character fell in the anime which he didn't watch before.

Sanji got the character of Shinra Kusakabe.

A third generation Pyrokinetic in the service of Special Fire Force Company 8. After his mother's death, and supposedly his younger brother's as well, Shinra joined the Special Fire Force to achieve his goal of becoming a hero, saving people from Spontaneous Human Combustion, and uncovering the truth behind his family's death twelve years ago.

He came from the anime named Fire Force.

At first Ken was a little disappointed with the character of Shinra. Though his powers and Sanji's powers definitely coincided, he didn't think much of it. But the more Ken saw, the more his eyes went wide.

The story went on and showed how Shinra evolved and gained more powers. When Shinra gained the Hysterical Strength it was unbelievable. Shinra normally used fire from his legs and used it as a mode of attack, movement and even defense. Basically Sanji in future version. But when Hysterical Strength turned on, the fire in his feet turned blue.

Apparently he had only been using 30% of his flame powers and using 100% turned the flame blue.