Journey of Kai Ookami (A Naruto Fan-fiction) Book

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Journey of Kai Ookami (A Naruto Fan-fiction)


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Raised in an orphanage in Konahagakure, Kai Ookami had nothing to his name except the drive to become the strongest Shinobi of his time and to have a family he can call his own. Such a dream though would not come easy. Join Kai on his journey to greatness and watch as he unknowingly changes the fate of the Shinobi world. A/N Yo. This is a fanfic I am doing on the side to keep myself occupied. I am focusing on my first fanfic and this is just something I put together while thinking about what it would be like to be reincarnated in the Narutoverse. Updates wont be super consistent but I can promise at least a chapter a week. MC has no knowledge of whats to come he just wants to pursue his dream. I do not own any of Naruto besides my OC, also the cover is not mine. If you own the art and want me to take it down just get in touch.


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