Journal: a sequel to Crows

Author: DaoistG6c2Qb
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What is Journal: a sequel to Crows

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A journal kept by Raymond Williams documenting his investigation of strange occurrences in a nearby town called Echo Creek.

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"Everything will be fine. I can handle this before my men comes." Andrea Lee said to herself trying to stay alive. She had been six feet under the ground for almost ten minutes after the culprits buried her alive in their family grave." Yes she was buried alive by her beloved cousin, Samantha Anderson. Just because Samantha secretly loved her cousin's fiancee, Richard Yap. And her initial plan is to eliminate her so that she can seduce Richard and made him fall for her. Although Andrea was born in a rich family, her mother Angelin Anderson died in a car accident with her husband Peterson Lee Andrea's father. Andrea had been running their family business that was built solely by her father. Her life was somewhat bland, planned, and no life even with her fiancee beside her. No excitement at all. She still live her life to what it supposed to be because she's already used to it. And because she doesn't know Richard very well, she thought he was just fine with everything and starting to accept him as her future husband. He was selected as her partner in life by her father after she turned 21 years old before the car accident of her parents. But things turn out to be not what she thought it was. On the day of her 23rd birthday. Her cousin give her a surprise birthday party with almost all the wealthiest family as guest and of coarse her fiancee. Never did she knew that the party was set up by her cousin to ruin her reputation. That night she ended up in a private suit with a stranger. And the next night after her birthday she's already 6feet under the ground. Will she be able to scape from her cousin's scheming hand? And will she be able to protect the life that is starting to form in her womb? There still a lot to uncover in Andrea's life. Hope you can join her in her journey of revenge and single parenthood. ____________________________________________ Writer's Note: Guys I am a new aspiring writer here. Trying to shift the line of job because of COVID19?. HOPE you can support me on my journey and I'll be much welling to accept correction and guides related to my story. Wether it hypothetical or technical....

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4 Chs


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