Joining The Beads Of LoveJoining The Beads Of Love

Joining The Beads Of Love

by Honeylife_

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LATER CHAPTERS. ML (Stephen Yang): "chrysie~ my darling come let's do something secretive" FL (Chrystal Zhu ): "STOP calling me like that who is your darling wanna get some shots?" ML: "you want to give me an injection?" keep dreaming who do you think I am? FL: "you think I don't have a syringe?" with that Chrystal started to search around her but where did it go? ML: "are you searching for this? come here..." with a seductive to he called her showing the syringe Not knowing anything Chrystal went near him to get back the syringe but instead of getting it she got two tight spanking on her butt "Ah!!!! it hurts.... you stupid idiotic pervert" Chrystal yelled at Stephen ML: "Oh the compliment you gave me is good. Let me show you what perverts do" __________ Chrystal Zhu is a nurse while Stephen Yang is a doctor the both were arranged marriage which was bestowed to them by their grandparents. But they both knew each other since High school Stephen Yang was rejected by Chrystal Zhu when he proposed her. Let's see how their life would be __________ The start would be slightly sour but I do hope that the upcoming chapters would be good.. Keep supporting this book and thankyou.

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