Jock Next Bed (BL)

College was like a wake-up call for most people. Especially the likes of Christopher Owen, who spent the rest of his high school years messing around and pining for the boy he never had. Having had a frustrating high school year, he decided to dedicate himself to his studies in college.   He flew many miles away from home, changed his looks, and hid his real identity from everyone.  His plans were simple: study hard, pass well, no dating. But then he realized two things: life was anything but easy without the backing of his last name. And... he wasn't sure how long he could last before he jumped his roommate, who was obviously not gay. But lust wasn't love, right? Maybe he could indulge a little? Just a little, I promise.

ThatAmazingGirl · LGBT+
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121 Chs


As soon as they both stepped out of the room, he remembered something and took out his phone.


"Can I call a friend to tag along?" 

"Yeah. Sure. The more the merrier." Henry nodded. 

Chris nodded and put a call across to Rachel, who admitted she was studying for a test until he mentioned Sky was performing there, at which point she set her priorities correctly.

By the time Chris and Henry got to the pub, she was already standing outside, waiting for them. 

She exchanged pleasantries with Henry before clinging to Chris's arms, whispering, "How come Sato is performing here tonight and no one knows about it?" 

"Who said no one knew about it?" He asked back, messing with her.

"If it was well known, I would have known so even before you, his roommate." 

He fought the urge to roll his eyes as he informed her, "It wasn't planned for. That's all Henry told me." He said as they stepped inside the place. 

"Wow! The place is filled up." Rachel said in amazement. Maybe a lot of people did know he was going to be here. 

"Yeah," Henry agreed as he looked at Rachel.

"It's closer to the university, and I'm sure word has spread around about Sky performing tonight."

Henry faced Chris as he said, "You may not know this yet... but he is the town's sweetheart."

"Ah, I see," Chris spoke with sarcasm laced in his tone, which made Rachel chuckle. 

"Are you sure there's a seat for us?" Rachel asked. 

"Sure. It's a good thing you are with me. We already have a table reserved in the front row." 

Rachel excitedly grabbed Chris' hand and smiled up at him. She couldn't believe she was here. 

"Are you that happy?" He asked her, smiling. 

She smiled back and nodded, making him laugh. 

"This guy and his nasty temper. He's about to burn me with his eyes." Henry said as he hurried to meet Sky, who was already walking halfway towards them to hand him his jacket.

Chris looked at Sky and noticed the displeasure on his face. When their eyes met, Sky raised his brow, almost in a questioning manner, before looking back and forth between him and Rachel, then settling his gaze on Henry, voicing his displeasure at the long time he spent getting it before turning to take the door beside the drink bar from which he had come out. 

The two followed Henry to a table, where Noel was already seated and focused on his phone, not even bothering himself with all the drinks on the table. As soon as they got to the table and began to take their seats one by one, Noel raised his head, and for some reason, he almost did a double take when he saw Rachel.

Feeling obliged to do the introductions, Henry looked at Noel and gestured at Chris. 

"This is... Chris. You already know him. And this is Chris's friend. I didn't even ask you your name." He turned to Rachel, who chuckled in amusement, but before she could answer, Noel extended his hand. 

"I'm N—"

"Noel. I know you." Rachel cut in, shaking his hand. 

"Really? How?" Noel asked in surprise. 

Rachel let out a laugh. "I believe everyone in this school knows the 'peculiar' squad. And even if they didn't, you are the star player of the basketball team. "Of course, I know you." 

Noel grinned. "Ever been to a game?" 

"Of course!" 

Chris's eyes moved between the two of them before he looked at Henry, who was giving Noel a suspicious look. The handshake between the two seemed to be an unending one, as he had not let go of her hand yet. 

"By the way, I am R—"

"Rachel. I know you too." He cut her off. When she looked surprised, he explained,

"We've had a few classes together. Your questions and contributions usually make the classes longer and—"

She laughed in embarrassment, cutting in, "Sorry about that.

He laughed and shook his head. "I was also going to say "more interesting". There is no need to apologize for being smart. I wish I were that smart."

"At least, you are a champ when it comes to basketball. It's impossible to find one better than you."

"Do not flatter me." He said, feeling a little embarrassed. 

With a grin, she said, "I wasn't."

"Can you two stop shaking at least?" Henry complained, and Noel immediately let go of her hand and glared at Henry. 

"How are you enjoying the town?" Noel asked Chris, who was suddenly visible to him. 

"I haven't been able to hang around, but it's not really bad, I guess."

"Who do we have here?"

Chris heard the sweet voice behind him before she appeared in his line of sight, smiling. 

This girl had the tendency to turn a gay man straight, much less someone with a flexible sexuality like his. 

"Where is Collins? I thought he was with you." Noel asked her before she sat down beside Henry. 

"His mother called him. Said something about a family dinner he forgot about. He was so pissed. She explained this to them before facing Chris, who hadn't taken his eyes off her yet. 

"I didn't get to apologize properly that day before Sky whisked me away. My name is Rain. And I had no idea what my parents were thinking when they gave us those names." She added lightly, holding her hand out for a handshake. 

Chris laughed as he shook her hand. "Rain. It's a nice name." He said as he withdrew his hand while Henry gestured tacitly to Noel as though saying, "You see how normal people shake hands?" 

Noel acted like he was going to hit Henry's head but didn't, while Henry ducked quickly.

"Girlfriend?" Rain asked Chris, looking at Rachel.