Izayoi: Vector Control(dropped)
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Izayoi: Vector Control(dropped)


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What is Izayoi: Vector Control(dropped)

Izayoi: Vector Control(dropped) is a popular fanfic written by the author YouDontKnowBro, covering OP-MC, MULTIVERSE, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 399.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 12 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


I died and woke up in a void. In front of me was a screen asking me to choose 3 powers. I made the obvious choice and picked Vector Control, Code: Unknown, and the Kaleidoscope. Now I'm going to go through the multiverse and do what I want. This is mostly just for me to have some ideas I had when I'm bored written down, don't take this too seriously, it's my first time writing. Expect a wish fulfillment story of someone somewhat similar to Sakamaki Izayoi in personality, however there will be differences as well.


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Rather than a story this is more of a self- wish fulfillment type FF. MC is basically a arrogant kid that acts moody and more or less face slaps everyone like a youngmaster, and ' impresses ' females. He does impossible shit, people act surprised but are idiots and dont grasp what he does. [ MC breaks dianas whip, they realize how big of a deal that is but just move on, and it seems MC knowing batmans identity is a bigger deal than a human breaking a godly weapon...many people know batmans identity ] MC isnt a planner, and in the starting chps, for some reason the MC antagonizes batman for the sole reason of beating him up, that entire moment couldve been resolved peacefully if MC was smarter and more matured rather than being a kid.. Jumps worlds but not much is done, ie: DC young justice, dude was more or less a third wheel Also, C5 ...author riordanverse is way way beyond dxd and its timeline is also different. you cant merge em. point is. whilst its interesting, if you are looking for an ' ' actual ' story, this might not be for you


I just don't like the MC. his personality Sucks the author even treats him as a side character or just a mob. even when the MC try harding to be the center of attention twice and failed horribly. Obscure to become a background character the Fucķ. Even your "Supporting Characters" doesn't even acknowledge the MC presents is kinda sad. Unlikable Mc combined with his Invisibility so other characters can't acknowledge his existant and you a have boring story. The interaction is weird and awkward.


Me gusta la actitud del chico, pero seria algo encontrá si mata demasiado. Peticion personal, agrega algo de romance o más profundidad al personaje y como deseo un harem


I really like this story please keep this story coming. it's a very great story please dont drop this story I really cant wait to see what happns next


love it you should all read it ......................................................................................................................................


love it very much . . .




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