Island of Mystery and LifeIsland of Mystery and Life

Island of Mystery and Life

by Crazy_Beast

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Veru once forced into work by a tyrant, finally manages to escape with his friends, Hina and Hose. Unfortunately, the ship they boarded, met with an accident, and the three find themselves on the shores of a desolated island, where they meet Sanim and the other crew members. While the other think the storm to be a coincidence, there is someone who knows it is not; they venture deep inside of the forest, and one by one they meet their demise. Veru and his friends, having lost the entire crew, continue to search for an escape, until one day Veru mysteriously vanishes. No one knows where is he, except one. Having been stabbed in his back, Veru finds the true meaning of the isle. Both, the Devil and God reside there. Whom will he choose? Will he turn to the dark side?

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