18 Fierce Battle Part 1

Reign and Shadow were no strangers to group battles, during their days in the gang they frequently fought in huge fights, many times going at one person together, the situation right now was one they were incredibly familiar with.

They both ran at the kobold, Reign went a little faster as their plan was always the same, with his bigger physique he was always the one to start the fight while Shadow would attack from the side or behind the enemy.

Reign arrived, his sword already coated in a little bit of electricity. It was harder to pour as much as in the knives as it was bigger, so he used a bit, still, the kobold blocked his attack.

"Good, Shadow will be able to end him now that he is shocked!" Thought Reign.


The kobold's long tail lashed at the nearby Shadow, making him step back. It wasn't shocked, its scales were able to nullify the small amount of electricity Reigns' sword had.

"Shit!" Cursed Shadow as he looked at the kobold, he felt a sharp wind when the tail passed in front of him, had it landed he would have been injured quite badly.

The kobold moved his sword and brought Reigns to the side, with a swift slash he tried to cut Reign's neck.


With all of his strength, Reign managed to meet the attack with the sword, that was not the end, however. A flurry of slashes was suddenly thrown at Reign, a slash to his body, a stab to his heart, shoulder, all of these attacks made it impossible to attack and he was thrown on the defensive, giving it his best to block.

Shadow threw one of his knives at the kobold, hoping it would give his friend a chance of attacking again but it was blocked by the tail. The kobold had a calm face, like a veteran schooling some trainees.

On the other side, Tank was doing a good job alone against his opponent. The kobold was a bit smaller than him but faster, giving it its all, it stabbed with its spear but had no luck, Tank's huge shield was big and sturdy enough to block all of them. Slowly, Tank moved towards the kobold as it continued its attacks in desperation, finally being in range he slammed down with his mace but the kobold dodged before attacking his open side.


Lifting up his mace he managed to deflect the kobold's attack but in doing so he uncovered his other side. Using the momentum from Tank's attack the kobold spun and delivered a strong attack with his tail on Tank's side. Tank staggered a bit but recollected himself shortly. He was physically the strongest out of everyone here, and the kobold was the weakest of his group, the attack hurt, it hurt like hell and almost cracked a rib but that was it. He recollected himself and put his shield in front of him. With a slow pace, he moved towards the kobold, this time being more patient and collected.

Lastly, Wolf was in a bad position.

Clang Clang Clang

The kobold was strong, incredibly strong. His skills with the spear were far above those of the other kobolds. A flurry of stabs and whips were thrown at Wolf who had luckily made his sword lighter in advance. The huge sword was a tad bit shorter than the spear but it was enough, using his experience Wolf was able to calculate how and where the kobold would attack, unfortunately, his unfamiliarity with the greatsword didn't allow him to exert all of his skills.

"I guess it doesn't matter, if I was using a dagger then the reach advantage he had would be huge, I'll just bide my time and hope Beast can annoy him a bit with his arrows."

Wolf had shallow cuts over some parts of his body, and even though he could see the attacks in advance, he could not block all of them, his opponent was still fine though, and continued to attack relentlessly.

Clang Clang

Reign was fighting his opponent with everything he had, during the battle he even managed to attack a couple of times after finally getting used to his opponent. Both of them didn't let up and gave it their best with the sword, from time to time Shadow would jump out from nearby shadows and attack the kobold, most of the time it would fail, but a couple of times he managed to hit his opponent, the last hit managed to even wound its tail.

{Lighting movement}

Reign finally uses his skill, with the boost he gained he was finally able to respond faster to his opponent's attacks. The electricity on his sword was barely there, some sparks would show up from time to time but the amount was a lot smaller compared to before.

"I only have 1 chance of landing this, if I do it I'm certain that we can win, only need a bit more time."

During the fight Reign realized that they could not win like this, their opponent was much more experienced than them, every attack they tried was futile, and for every wound they managed to inflict, they got 3. With all of that in mind, Reign tried doing something he practiced a bit in his room, it was dangerous and had a chance of not working, but it was the only way he saw of winning the fight.


Reign sees the attack coming, it was a stab coming straight to his left eye. Moving forward he ducked and moved his head to his right, the sword passed by, leaving a cut on his left cheek. Holding his sword with both hands, Reign shouted and its tip suddenly discharged a huge amount of electricity. All this time he was focusing on that, by controlling his ability he moved it all there, making the stab incredibly strong. With a blue flash, his sword went forward, the blue arcs dancing upon it and blinding everything around. With a loud buzzing sound it arrived at the kobold's chest and pierced through it.


Reign's face was struck with a fist, seeing it could not dodge the kobold decided to at least die with the opponent. It seized Reign's neck right after hitting him and squeezed it with all its might.


Reign tried breathing but he couldn't. Strange sounds came out from his now bloody mouth, he frantically tried to pull out his sword but the kobold held it firmly with his other hand that is now devoid of a sword. Blood flew through its finger but it did not let go, it knew that this was the only chance it had to kill its opponent.


Shadow jumped out and lunged at the kobold who swiped his tail at him. He managed to throw a knife before getting hit, the knife hit the kobold in his left shoulder, making him flinch and let go of the sword for a second.


Reign was passing out when he suddenly heard the ring of the notification, without even thinking about it he just pulled with his right hand and manages to take his sword out of the kobold's chest.

The kobold tried to use his left arm to grab the sword again but suddenly froze. Looking ahead he could no longer see his target, only boundless light, and eternal darkness. Without a scream, without a shout, the kobold only stared in wonder, the sight in front of him something it could not comprehend. Where was his opponent, was he swallowed by the sight in front of him?

It looked around and finally saw it. Boundless light and eternal darkness? No, that wasn't it, looking at the sides they looked more like …


That was the last thought the kobold had before dying. With a fury Reign stabbed its neck with his sword before drawing it back to the side, making the kobolds head dangle on the side by the little skin it had left.

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