Is this broken heart fixable Book

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Is this broken heart fixable


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[Be patient with me it's my first book.] "I'm sorry if I broke your heart. I love you I really do" ------ Huang Lana was once a girl that likes the thought of being in love, but after the person she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with broke her heart. So she swore for as long as she lives she will hate him and never fall in love again. Little did she know was that wasn't what life had planned for her... Lu Yifeng a newly found CEO that has just begun but is already dominating the business world in 4 years. To everyone else he’s cold, dark, and the devil. But to his old love Lana he’s sweet, kind, and loving. He’s trying so hard to win her back. But there’s some people who don’t. Join them as they try to find there way back into each other’s arms. ——— Excerpt: Lana started to walk away but then Yifeng held her wrist which made her stop. She turned around to say something but before she could Yifeng cupped her face in his hands. He started kissing her slow and when he saw that she wasn't refusing the kiss he bit her lip to get more access. Lana gasped when she did Yifeng slipped his tongue inside her mouth. Lana was so into the kiss she didn't even notice that she let out a small moan. She felt Yifeng smirk against her lips as he kissed her passionately. After what seem like forever they broke the kiss. Yifeng still held Lanas face in his hands. when he looked at her she instantly blushed. "I love you Lana." he paused and looked in her eyes full of want, need, and lust," Please let me love you." Lana didn't say anything but kissed him. ------ Warning this story contains graphic content that maybe upsetting to some people!


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