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INVISIBLE TEARS is a popular web novel written by the author g123n, covering REINCARNATION, FANTASY, REALITY, DREAMER, IMAGINARY FRIENDS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 2.1K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 2 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 3 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Why don't you show that it hurts? Why don't you cry when you're having a hard time? Why can't you show that you can no hold longer? How could it be possible that someone could not cry? Her tears didn't fall even though she was already hurting so much? Is it possible to lose her senses? "My god! I think she is not a normal". "Look oh" At the same time, they pointed the woman who had poured coffee in the cafeteria. "She doesn't looks like hurt .King's coffee is still hot". This is the call of women who are obsessed with King. "Yeah, I think she is witch looks her hair!". Exaggerated people who witnessed the incident in the cafeteria. "Why is he still talking to that witch?" "Oh no!" "Don’t tell me she is the woman King wants?" According to the article that he has someone in his heart. He said I am already taken by her, even though she doesn’t know have an idea about that I’m her and she is mine. “Do I still have to hurt you for you to see me? King said ” Ha? What are you talking about? She asked. “It is true that you can't feel, even if you are hurt". "I meant throwing coffee on you and I am sorry about that I just want to confirm something". And he kissed her in front of everyone. "If I have to melt the ice in your heart I will" “If I’ll have to look like crazy talking to you I don’t care” -Chester Blythe Remulla known as King. "Are you okay,you look idiot a while ago.Now you suddenly hug me". The woman blushed in embarrassment. "I love you, not because you used to be her, I love you more for who you are" - Chester Poblete. How come that she has no senses? What is the story of her? Is there a possibility that, between the two Chester will be the one who can broke the curse of her? What are the ways to restore her senses? In this situation she should have a family to sympathize with, but no, she is like a sheep in a vast forest and lost, looking for family. In her searching she finds people who will complete herlonging for a family. A true friend, and people she will love and will love her. I am Lathe Styphe Valencia, the cursed woman. Some do not believe in the curse but I do believe because it is happening to me now. P.S unedited please spare grammatical errors. Google translate. soon I will edit this. Thankyou Feel free to give reviews negative or positive it can help me to improve more. Ciao.


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The content and plot looks really interesting. But the language and text need some fixing. If I understood right, you are going to fix them later, but no stress. Wait for future chapters! 😁


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