29 Levy

" Ahhh."

Mark groaned as he awoke from his slumber. He looked down on his chest to see Eve smiling up at him.

" Good morning, did you sleep well my prince?"

Eve asked as she and Mark sat up in bed.

" It was the greatest night of my life."

Mark said to the woman as he pulled her into a hug.

" You hungry?"

Eve asked.

" After last night? I'm starving."

Mark replied.

Eve got up from bed pulling Mark with her and brought the man to her kitchen.

" Let's get cooking."

Eve said to the man as she pulled opened up the fridge.

Mark smirked and joined the woman at the stove, helping her make breakfast.

After thirty minutes of cooking and cleaning up their messes Mark and Eve chowed down on a plate of eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, and waffles.


" Ugh! that was disgusting."

Eve groaned as she rubbed her belly.

" That was amazing."

Mark stated.

" That's what I meant. But I feel disgusting after eating all that fat."

Eve replied.

" Hey, I bet you'd look sexy as fuck with love handles. How about it? Put on some weight for me."

Mark said to the woman as he wrapped his arms around her stomach.

" What? No way am I getting fat anytime soon."

Eve replied.

" So, what's on the schedule for today? I have no problems lying in bed all day if that's what you want. Actually, I'd prefer it."

Mark asked the woman.

" Well, first. Coffee."

Eve said to the man. She got up from her seat and walked outside and picked a few leaves and returned.

" I thought you went to get coffee. Unless coffee is somehow another word for leaves here. Then in that case, cool."

Mark said to the woman.

Eve looked up at the man condescendingly and just rolled her eyes at his stupidity.

" Just watch."

Eve said to the man.

She grabbed a few of the leaves and smushed them together. Her hands then began glowing and a mug with coffee inside appeared in her hands.

" Whoa."

Mark exclaimed as he took the cup from eve.

" I've seen you bend a pipe and change the density of air around you. But never something this complex. The coffee and the house. Girl you really are amazing you know that."

Mark stated as he looked around at the woman's creations.

" I've been practicing. The more I do this the more complex things I can do. I've always been able to do complex stuff, though. Like turning whatever, I'm wearing into my costume."

Eve explained to the man

" Or take them off."

Mark joked making Eve giggle.

" You want some cream and sugar?"

Eve asked as she held up more leaves.

" So, leaves, into coffee and a coffee mug, and now cream and sugar. Is there anything you can't do babe?"

Mark asked the girl as she crushed up leaves into cream and sugar for his coffee.

" it's all atoms when you get down to it. I rearrange the atoms and turn them into something else. It's pretty simple. So, as long as I can manipulate the atoms, I can do just about anything."

Eve explained to the man.

" So, you're moving atoms around to make things different things. Do you always use the same amount of atoms? I mean is there anything ever left over?"

Mark asked.

" Well... Let's just say on days when I use my powers a lot... I can use the bathroom six or seven times a day."

Eve replied.

" Okay, stink butt."

Mark called the woman.

" Hey?!"

Eve exclaimed in shock over Mark's nickname for her.

Mark smiled and kissed her softly on the lips before moving down to her neck.

" At first you had my curiosity. But now you have my erection."

Mark said to the woman as he continued sucking on her neck.

" You... idiot... Don... Don't do that. Mm... Anh!"

Eve said to the man before slowly giving into the pleasure and moaning. Eve sat her cup down and readjusted herself in her chair. She grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her ankles and spread her legs.

" Are you still hungry?"

Eve leaned up to Mark's ear and asked in his ear seductively.

" Yes, ma'am."

Mark replied.

Eve grinned and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips for Mark.

" Then eat."

Eve demanded.

Mark smiled and kissed Eve on her lips hungrily before moving straight down to her pink garden and began eating her out.

Eve closed her eyes and gently rolled her hips into Mark's face as the man's tongue protruded into her insides.

" Oh, Mark... I'm Cumming!"

Eve squealed as she came right into Mark's mouth.

Mark opened his mouth and allowed her juice to flow right into his mouth, he made sure to take his time so he could catch all of it and once he sure she was done he swallowed every last drop of her sweet nectar.

" Good boy, Mark. Good boy."

Eve said to the man as she watched him swallow all of her love juice.

Once Mark was done, he grabbed Eve's hips and placed her face down on the table. He reached down and pulled out his dick and slammed it straight into Eve's pussy.

" Agh! Oh, God. So big."

Eve moaned.

Mark pulled out half way and slammed back inside hard. Eve's ass jiggled like jelly as Mark continued slamming his hard dick inside of her.

" Cumming. Mark, don't stop!"

Eve yelled.

Mark grinned evilly and continued thrusting into Eve hard, feeling every inch of her love garden clamping down on his rod.

" It feels so good. Eve!"

Mark continued thrusting as he felt Eve's pussy suddenly clamp down even harder.


Eve yelled as her climax erupted throughout her body.

" Eve, open your mouth."

Mark pulled out of eve's pussy and ordered her to open her mouth.

Eve got off the table and kneeled down on the floor and opened her mouth wide for Mark. He grabbed her hair and slammed his dick into her mouth and began roughly throat fucking her until he finally came. Thick ropes of cum began pouring down Eve's throat, painting it white.

Eve looked into Mark's eyes as she swallowed every drop of his cum until there was nothing left.

" Fuck."


Mark groaned as he pulled his dick from Eve's mouth with a wet pop.

Mark leaned down and started rubbing her head softly.

" Good girl."

Mark whispered into Eve's ear.

After a brief make out session and a shower Mark and Eve got dressed and headed out to explore.

" This is beautiful babe. I gotta admit I'm actually kind of jealous that you get to see this kind of sight every day."

Mark said to the woman as they looked at the sun setting behind the African grasslands.

" Well, Mark you know if you want you could move in with me."

Eve said to the man.

" I get to see the most beautiful woman in the world every day and see this amazing sun set? I'm sold. I'll get my things as soon as possible."

Mark replied to the woman.

" I'm so happy, you're back Mark."

Eve told the man as she settled into his arms.

Mark smiled and kissed the top of Eve's head gently as they continued their sight seeing.

That is until a noise suddenly drew their attention.

" Do you hear that?"

Eve asked.

Mark an eve turned to see a hoard of steer running straight towards the nearby village.

" Oh my God. They're heading right towards that village!"

Eve yelled in terror.

" Come on, we need to help!"

Eve yelled as she took off towards the village with Mark right beside her.

Mark and Eve landed in front of the coming stampede and started digging trenches and making fences to heard them in a different direction.

After about five minutes of damage control Mark an Eve finally managed to wrangle the steer up and place them in a pen to keep them from destroying anything else.

" Whew! Finally done. I thought they'd never settle down. Now I think I'm hungry again."

Eve complained as she wiped the sweat from her face.

" How about we head home and eat?"

Mark asked the woman.

" That sounds great right about now."

Eve replied as she walked up to Mark. The man wrapped his arms around the woman's waist and carried her back home in his arms. After arriving, Eve walked into the kitchen and came back with a tray of food. Cake, sandwiches, grapes and other kinds of food.

" Babe, I know they say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but you've already captured my heart."

Mark said as the woman placed the food down on the table.

" What? I just wanted to make sure you ate well. I need your stamina to be as high as it can get for later."

Eve purred into Mark's ear before kissing him softly on his cheek.

Mark grabbed Eve by her waist and pulled her into his lap. He kissed her on her lips and began feeding her food from the tray.

" Oh, Mark, This day has been absolutely amazing. I love you."

Eve said to the man as she nestled into his arms. Her head resting gently against his chest.

" I love you too, Eve and nothing will ever change that."

Mark told the woman. Mark and Eve were just about to kiss once again but suddenly Eve's phone started ringing.

" Ugh! Only so many people have my number. My parents and your mom. So, I should probably get that."

Eve groaned as she got up from Mark's lap. She walked into the house and moments later returned with a confused look on her face.

" Uh, Mark it's for you."

Eve told the man who looked at her in confusion.

" Who is it? My mom? Or Cecil?"

Mark asked as he took the phone.

" Hello?"

Mark asked the person on the other side of the phone.

" Your mother wants to talk to you."

A man's voice told Mark.

" Mark-- Help."

Debbie begged for help.

' No, that's not possible. I left him alone. I didn't interrupt his plan he shouldn't even be a factor anymore.'

Mark thought to himself in a panic.

Mark's face grew into rage as he held the phone in his hands.

" She's in trouble Mark. How fast can you get home?"

The man asked before hanging up the phone.

Mark slammed the phone down onto the table in rage.

" Mark? What's wrong?"

Eve asked as she looked at the man's angered expression.

" Someone's holding my mom hostage!"

Mark yelled before taking off towards his home.

' How did this happen? I made sure not to involve myself in this mess. So, how did it happen? It can't be mine. My levy has no reason to attack me. Could it be another dimensions levy? Did a me from another dimension do something to make an enemy out of his Levy? Damn it. I was hoping that if the experiment worked Levy could help make advancements to the worlds technology instead it seems like I'll need to kill him.'

Mark thought to himself as he flew towards his home.

It took Mark two minutes to cross the globe and land in his front yard.

' He'll be waiting in mom's room. I'll sneak around back and catch him off guard.'

Mark thought to himself as he slowly made his way to the back of the house. He placed his hand on the wall that would be in Debbie's room and punched it as hard as he could throwing Levy, his mom and oliver from the bed.

" Mom!"

Mark yelled. He grabbed the woman and oliver and raced them out of the house.

" Go! Call Cecil, get out of here!"

Mark yelled to the woman before turning around and flying back into the house.

" Damn you, Invincible. You caught me off guard. I was expecting you to rush into the house like a mad dog. But instead, you surprised me. I'm impressed. Do you know who I am?"

Levy asked the man.

" Levy Angstrom! Why did you attack my family?"

Mark asked in an anger.

" Why? You mean you don't remember what you did to me? Look at me! You did this Mark Grayson. You wouldn't let my experiment work!"

Levy yelled in anger.

" How!? How did I do it?! I was never even there!"

Mark yelled back.

" So, you don't remember? Is that it?"

Levy asked the man.

" It doesn't matter you're dead!"

mark yelled as he charged the man. However, before he could hit him a portal opened up and Mark went through. Mark suddenly crashed down right in front of a large pack of dinosaurs.

" That wasn't... It couldn't be. It is!! I thought sapiens were extinct! It's been decades since I've tasted their flesh!"

The giant red t-rex yelled as it charged Mark.

" Yeah, not likely."

Mark replied as he uppercutted the dinosaurs head off.

" You bastard you killed our friend!"

One of the many dinosaurs yelled as they all began to charge Mark. Mark flew into the air and turned to face the dinosaurs unaware of the portal opening up behind him.

" Whoa!"

Mark yelped as he crashed back down in his house.

" Welcome home Mar."

Levy was saying before Mark got to his feet to attack him once again. However, just as before Mark went through another portal.

This time he crashed right into the back of.

" Wait Doctor octopus?"

Mark said as he looked down at the famous Marvel villain.


Mark exclaimed as he looked over at the web swinging hero.

" Yeah, that's me. Your friendly neighborhood spiderman. Uh, just a quick question who are you and why did you come through a portal?"

Spiderman asked as he got to his feet.

" I'm from a different dimension man. Where I came from you and the rest of the heroes on this earth where comic book characters created by guys like Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. I even know your name and the name of your first love. Peter Parker."

Mark explained to the man whose eyes went wide from the sudden revelation.

" Whoa! Dude did the author just introduce the multiverse starting with Spiderman and Marvel? WICKED!!!"

Deadpool yelled as he landed in front of the duo.

" Wait Spider! The X-men their school is going to be attacked by Stryker when they attempt to evacuate the depowered students. There's a symbiote God named Knull who is going to attack and turn the world into symbiotes, he's strong enough to kill sentry. The Inhuman's are going to release the terrigen mists onto the world. The mists are poisonous to Mutants. The phoenix force is going to come back to Earth no matter what happens you have to tell the avengers to let Hope become the host. She and Wanda have to work together. If they don't Cyclops will be possessed by the phoenix force and kill...."

Mark tried explaining to the man every possible tragedy that was in days coming in a hope that the world would be better off without certain events happening. However, before he could finish his warning another portal opened, and Mark was teleported once again.

" Well, that was a lot to take in. Oh, man I need to tell the others!"

Peter exclaimed.

" Sorry, Spider, but can't let you ruin things with all these spoilers."

Deadpool said to the man before hitting him with a memory erasing device.

" See that author, can't have you changing things."

Deadpool explained to the author before shifting the screen back to Mark.

Mark landed harshly down into the world of the world of Dc comics. And more importantly in the bedroom of one Karen Star/ Power girl.

' Ugh! my head.'

Mark thought to himself as he got to his feet. He looked up to Power girl of all people in the middle of pleasuring herself.

' Oh man. Levy I take it back I take it all back you mad genius you.'

Mark praised the man for the wonderful gift of a lifetime. Seeing her beautifully sculpted Kryptonian body in all of its naked glory was a gift not many men will ever have the pleasure of. However, Mark was suddenly pulled from his thoughts by Power girl's fist coming towards his face.

Mark's eyes widened and he just barely ducked under her fist in time to avoid it.

" Who are you?"

Power girl asked.

" Don't freak out. I'm from another dimension. I was in the middle of a fight and was suddenly thrown here."

Mark was explaining to the woman when suddenly a portal opened behind him.

' Look out!"

Power girl yelled as Levy appeared behind mark.

Mark turned and grabbed onto Levy before the man could grab him and flew into the portal with Levy in his hands. Mark and Angstrom Levy landed back on Mark's dimension hard, and Mark got up and started punching the man in his face.

" No more portals, no more chances. I left you alone to work so you could help the world but it seems like there's nothing good about you Angstrom. So, I'm putting an end to this once and for all. No more Angstrom!"

Mark declared as he continued beating Levy's head in. Mark then grabbed the man and tore him in half.

" Let's see you put yourself back together after that."

Mark spat at the man's corpse.

Mark sat there and watched to make sure he was dead before flying off to find his mom.

" She's at the pentagon kid."

Cecil suddenly radioed the man.

Mark nodded and flew straight towards the pentagon as fast as he could, smashing his way through the roof and landing right in the basement.

" Where are they?!"

Mark yelled out as he looked around for his mom and little brother.

" Calm down Mark. Everything is fine. They're in the infirmary. We're taking good care of them. Everything is going to be fine. We covered the whole thing up. Leaked some nonsense about a gas line blowing. Local authorities seem to have bought it. So, your identity is clear. You can see your mother in a moment but first I need to know what happened."

Cecil explained to Mark.

" Angstrom Levy attacked me. I killed him the end. Where are they?"

mark asked again.

" Down the hall kid."

Cecil said to the man.

Mark turned and without another word launched down the hall towards the infirmary.

" Mom!"

Mark called out to the woman.

He looked over to see her with a black eye and bandages and Oliver being checked out.

Debbie got to her feet and hugged her son tightly as she cried in his arms.

" I'm sorry, mom. I'm so sorry."

Mark apologized to his mother as he hugged her back.

" It's okay, son. It's okay. It's over now. That's all that matters. I've lived through worst."

Debbie exclaimed as she hugged her son.

After a long and thorough check, up Mark and his family were finally able to rest. Mark had stayed with his family and Eve in the pentagon for the night. While authorities and construction workers worked the house.

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