"No… more." huffed a barely conscious blonde as I carried her to the couch on my cock.

I placed her down next to her mother and older sister creating a work of art beyond the scope of Rembrandt or Bach. Three bubble butt white honeys with six fucked red and slack holes between them leaking rivers of my seed. Truly this is what God meant when he saw his creation and declared it to be good.

I admired this perfect fusion between my work and the Lord's work in the dawn light filtering through the white curtains of the apartment living room with hands on hips until the soft padding of tiny feet broke my focus on all that fucked ass.

"Grandpa Mark?" little Emily asked while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, "I'm hungry."

God I love this family. I considered the grandmother, Dakota, aged thirty six and a teen mom twice over despite putting five years between the first and second daughters. Stripper and whore. The first daughter, Tonya, aged twenty three, followed in her mothers footsteps at fifteen to make little Emily. Stripper and whore. And finally Rhonda, aged eighteen. The only member of the family with a real chance of not becoming a teenage mother before her sister brought me home for the night and her fascination with my performance landed her in the sack as well. Stripper and whore by the way. With both daughters under my belt, Dakota pulled her pants down and told me to come learn a thing or two from a real woman.

Fucking glorious.

I'd been visiting them for months to regularly deliver them the truest gift of the Viltrumite Empire: dis dick. Normally I make all my lovers swallow, but not today. From now on the women of Earth get the full experience from first kiss to last creampie, and with my generous donation these women join a cause far greater than themselves.

With the trio out of commission I deliberated over my limited options then nodded my head.

"Ice cream for breakfast?" I smirked at the seven year old who's face exploded with joy.

"Yes! You're the best Grandpa Mark!" she squealed as she ran up to hug me running straight into my Heisman trophy perfect stiff arm.

She calls me Grandpa Mark because I am the man in her grandmother's life, and I find it more funny than Daddy Mark or Uncle Mark, all of which I qualify for now that I have put these nightwalkers up in a new apartment. I modeled my favorite relations after the great Tiger Woods. That man knew how to run a roster of hos better than anyone else.

I scooped us some bowls of strawberry ice cream that we enjoyed while her family came back from the shadow realm. My phone rang before they roused, and I answered, "This is Mark."

"Mark, this is Dad." Nolan answered from the other end, "I need you to meet me at the Pentagon as soon as possible. Something terrible has happened and it will be up to you to pick up the slack."

"Funny that you mention slack." I chuckled, "I'm babysitting right now, but will be able to get down there in half…" I took another look at my masterpiece and recalculated, "Make that an hour before I can get down there."

"Babysitting? Mark, this is serious. Global level." Nolan paused when I sighed and tossed the phone to little Emily.

"Let get a good pic of this." I told her as I squeezed between her mother and aunt, slapping the three insensate women enough to get them to lift their knees to their shoulders, providing a full stretched view of the gaping wreckage of their holes.

I set my arm around them and gave my widest grin while snapped off a few shots. I sent the best shot to my dad and heard him grunt on the other end of the line.

"Son…" he started, "I… It seems like every time we talk this week I find some level of pride in you I'd never imagined before. Niiicccceee."

"I'll be there once one of the hos is conscious enough to make sure Emmie gets to school." I told him.

"That has to be the greatest sentence that has ever been said in that room." Nolan laughed and we said our goodbyes.

I managed to revive Dakota with a cold wet towel allowing me to pull on my supersuit and take off for the Pentagon. Dad met me outside and the pair of us moved through security swiftly and entered a conference room where we waited less than three minutes for Donald and Cecil to show up.

"Cecil Stedman," The elderly man with a chemical scarred face introduced, "Director of the Global Defense Agency. This is my assistant Donald."

I stood and shook both their hands.

"Your father inform you of what happened?" he questioned as we sat down.

"No." I answered.

"Good. The Guardians of the Globe were murdered yesterday." he announced.

"I do not want to face off with whatever accomplished that." I grimaced.

"Hopefully you won't have too, but there is a large probability that you and your father are the only beings capable of dealing with this threat once it's found." Cecil sighed, "Till then, you and your father are going to need to be on call overtime to make up for the massive rend in our global defenses."

"Five hundred thousand dollars annually always adjusted for inflation to have me keep a pager and cell phone on me for GDA use at all times." I told them, "Bonus pay per call answered, scaled for severity and time allotment."

"Jesus kid, could you be any more mercenary." Cecil spat.

"Please." I scoffed, "I just low balled it so hard you are barely able to contain your glee over how cost effective I am."

Cecil inhaled deeply then let it out slowly before he grinned, "Welcome to the GDA, Mark."

Donald held his fingers up to his earpiece, "Sir. There's some kind of attack happening downtown, it seems. Numerous contacts. Heavy weaponry. Multiple casualties."

"Now?" Cecil demanded the smiled at me, "Then it is a good thing we just picked up a new super for the hero department. And kid," the man turned to me, "Niiicccceee."


"I'm an airplane!" I laughed as I flew through the marching lines of the Flaxan army as they shot me with their lasers.

"Pew pew." I chuckled as I turned the green men into red mulch through the applied powers of cold hard physics, "And now for my ultimate attack. Spinning Karate Chops."

By spinning around real fast I turned my outstretched arms into the blades of a blender then moved through the Flaxen units until I got dizzy and puked. Sometimes, you just have too much fun.

A pink energy shield appeared between me and an incoming laser tank shot, and to my left arrived Atom Eve. The girl with enough plot armor to power up Mark to the point where he went from getting ripped in half by Thragg from clavicle to hip, to fighting him blow for blow on the surface of the sun.

Simping for Atom Eve is a proven path to success and while I would love to introduce her sweet ginger cheeks to my elephant trunk cock, her pal Duplicate could mother an army of children every year through her clones… and she is far less annoying.

Or is Eve really annoying? We hardly ever see her sans Mark in the comics and the secret to understanding Invincible is that Mark is an asshole. Once you understand that core fact, everyone else's choices make far more sense.

Why did Cecil betray Mark? Because Mark is a preachy hypocritical asshole.

Why was Eve so cray cray? Because Mark is a horrible boyfriend and a selfish asshole.

Why did Robot betray Mark? Because Mark is an arrogant angry asshole.

You get the picture?

With the help of the Teen Team I easily forced the Flaxan invasion back until the divergent time forces of our home dimensions clashed and the Flaxan army aged right before our eyes, turning into withered husks of their former selves in moments.

"Good work team." I chuckled as my defeated foes retreated beyond their portals.

"You were not taking this battle seriously." the mat bronze Robot accused.

"I gave this battle the safest level of my effort." I told the automaton piloted by a horrendously deformed man in a life support tank.

"Hey Robot, don't harsh the guy for having a good time. I'd turn myself into a human blender too if I could." Rexsplode defended me, "But we all know explosions are way cooler and I'd never trade them for anything."

"Do I know you?" Atom Eve inquired then her eyes locked on my posterior, "Oh my God I do!"

"Hmmm…" I grunted, "The kilt was supposed to make it harder to ID me…"

"Not with that famous ass. Way to many of my friends have pictures of you from behind to mistake it for anyone else." Eve smiled and Rex looked like he swallowed one of his charged quarters.

"Hey!" Rex sploded, "I would prefer my girlfriend to keep other dudes butts out of her mouth!"

It took the rest of them a moment, but I was laughing before he even finished his sentence.

"God, thank you for today." I managed to say between bouts of laughter, "I feel you man. I'd hate to see my girl with another guy's butt in her mouth."

"Yeah, I walked right into that rim job burn." Rex deflated.

"You two are children." Eve huffed.

I slapped Rex on the back and laughed, "Children who just killed a bunch of alien invaders!"

"Yeah. Who cares if we're kids? We're awesome!" Rex recovered his pep.

Rex stiffened up when he saw a pair of Dupli-Kates eyeing me up like candy. I let the guy go and tossed the pair over my shoulders.

"Your place or mine?" I asked.

"Yours." They answered in sync.

I only took a moment to look down on the destroyed Flaxans.

To the victor goes the spoils.

As I flew away to an apartment I kept for freelance hookups, I caught a glimpse of my dad on top of a nearby building holding back tears with a thumbs up held for me.

"My boy!" he growled, "NIIICCCEE!"

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