Into the abyss
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Into the abyss


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What is Into the abyss

Into the abyss is a popular web novel written by the author Hiwaga, covering REINCARNATION, FANTASY, ROMANCE, MYTHOLOGY, MAGIC, ACTION, COMEDY, DRAMA, DEMON, R18, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 11.3K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 75 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


(This book is currently inactive and under major editing and revisions.) DISCLAIMER: I do not own the picture/artwork that I used for the book cover. The credits goes to the real owner. CTTO. They say sleep is the best way to escape reality but what if your dreams started to become the reality of your life? Luna Estella Maude a girl who is unfortunate in her life wished her life would be easier. She would often sleep just to escape the cruel world she lives in but the day came where she couldn't decipher what is reality or a dream anymore. She was caught unaware of the hands of the man who visits her dreams and what's worst is, the God of the underworld was the one who is visiting her.

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Take a cliche situation, and make it better. The author did exactly that. You have your cold handsome yet gentle (even if outwardly ruthless) Male MC. You have your damsel in distress female lead (who can kick balls when necessary). You put them together in a fairy tale, then dial up the 'Interesting' nob all the way to the max! And you have this. Kudos to author.


REVIEW Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady MESSAGE I am deeply happy that the author joined spirity. As it has the potential to win! With more exposure, this will become great and even reach a million views! Or anime adaptation even a movie! Kudos on your work and See you in December (if you know what I mean) 😉


When I read it, I could feel the delicacy the author put into writing it. It's like being in the novel itself, I could feel tons of emotions swirling inside me whenever I read it! This will be a great novel one day, no, more like, one of the best! :> keep improving and do not stop writing!!


At first I thought it was the prototype story of Sanderella But as events unfolded and with all the Greek gods that made me feel strange I do not deny that the story was amazing, whether how you combined dream and truth or from how you narrated the story so that you make the reader live the events of the story. You did a great job


Well, couldn't you guess I love Greek Myths, right? This novel will make you love it too! Epic prologue ( think of Evanescence MVs)! Hats off! First, it has an incredibly romantic appeal with solid and classic archetypes, a relatable MC, and a good grasp of structure, pace, and plot. But, more than technical aspects, it's hopefully romantic and you will fall in love with it! A promising novel, really!


Reveal spoiler


The prologue was AMAZING! I feel that itself was sufficient to get me glued to it. I liked the use of vocabulary. The plot of the story of story is intriguing. I liked the MC of this story and world building about it. There are minor issues with the novel but completely ignorable. Other than that, story has potential and very well written. And I am looking forward to future chapters, keep up the good work :)


I have one word for this, amazing! I like how i was captivated by the story plot and it drags me into the story from just the first part of it! There were detailed descriptuon of things that can help visualize the story better and it also helps give off a fantasy like feeling to it! I would definitely recommend this story! It was a good read overall and i hope to see more of this! Keep up the great work of yours author!! ✨[img=recommend]


My first thought was cliche. But, unknowingly I'm already inside the world created by the author? Huh? The writing was subtle, chaotic, and engaging, silently pulled you in without the chance to resist. Need to be careful, or else this will be addictive.


At first, I thought it was related to some kind of vampire stuff and all. Then, later I came to know that it isn't. The work is based on Greek mythology. I used to love this concept. But, I have read so many novels that it has become a normal plot setting for me. Still, the author tried to bring the change by introducing Luna and her involvement with God. So, I can appreciate that. The writing quality is decent and very understandable. I did find many errors in the prologue. But, the synopsis says ~ it's going under a huge revision so I'll overlook that for now. Story development was good too. I liked the characters so far. The world is vast and that is why I think the pacing is slow, which I understand. To show such a vast world, it will require a lot of words to make your readers fully immerse into the chapters and your world. Overall, it was a good read and I really enjoyed it. Keep it up!!


A really interesting beginning! Have only read the first five chapters, but this definitely goes into my library and I will look forward to updates.


This book is pretty awesome! If you like a good story with elements of horror, mystery and greek mythology told in a new perspective, you've got to check this one out! Great job author! I love your creative mind. Keep it up! [img=recommend]


Beautiful storyline with great characters and story development. I like the fresh idea you put and every chapter has me hooked for more! Just can't get enough.


I always like supernatural involvement in novels. This book had a interesting concept of how the lord of the underworld got interested in a human. Worth A Read!


Interesting story! I love how you pulled us in with a dream, I can't wait to see if we ever meet this guy for real. There are a couple issues with past tense and present tense in the writing but other than that, I love it! ♡


The story is good and the first chapter gives a good sense of the story's potential to be truly great! The writing quality struggles a little between past and present tense, but if you can get past that, the story is a gripping read.


So far the story is amazing. I can't wait to read the rest of it. It is very captivating. I enjoy how it has a bit of mystery and romance. It is definitely an interesting story and although some of the characters are from a different story they certainly have a uniqueness to them. I really enjoy this.


A very good concept for a fantasy reinterpretation of the classic Cinderella story. I always appreciate some good mythologizing in my stories, and this one has that a-plenty mixed in with the fairy-tale elements, which is nice. The MC isn't just some helpless damsel either, but appears to have some spirit. The technical aspect of the writing is decent, with no real spelling errors, but there's a lot of complications with tense, which can make it an effort to read. Even so, it is still worth it if you're into romantic fantasy, greek mythology, and a strong heroine.


Cinderella Twilight! This story has a great potential albeit in need of a bit of grammar work. The opening with the burning mansion is impactful enough to encourage readers to keep going. I'd like to have some more substance added to scenes, tho. At least for up to where I've read, it's all dialogues and actions. A screenplay would be fine with that, but a novel needs a bit muscle on the bones. Anyway, I like how it's going so far. Please keep up the good work!


Although it's not my favorite genre, I actually quite enjoy reading this book. I can feel the author make a lot of effort to develop the story, characters and the world around it. The writing quality is decent, nothing to complain about. overall it's a good read!


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