79 Heroine in the supermarket

Inside the supermarket.

While pushing a grocery trolley.

Eiji was a little unfocused.

Because in addition to paying attention to the road, he also paid attention to the system interface that displayed his "Status" for the first time after all this time.

Blame someone for never reminding him to check the most clichéd thing for system users.


"Hey there Miss System."

¶{I didn't say hello! I was yelling! I mean don't blame me, okay? After all, shouldn't something like this be mentioned by a system host in a novel less than 10 chapters after he receives he first reward?}

What is this woman talking about?

As a system. Can't you remind your host to check the status early?


"Seeing no response. I know I'm right."

¶{Host, don't you feel you're wrong too?}


¶{Seeing no response. I know I'm right.}

"Okay. Stop this stupid conversation. I want to read my status properly."

Eiji stared at the system's fairly long interface and he raised his eyebrows.

Why? Because...

[Eiji Seiya]

Race: Human/???

Affiliation: Shadow Garden

Occupation: Leader (Shadow Garden)

Supernatural Skill/Item:

→Three Tomoe Sharingan (B+)

→Excalibur (S+ → EX)

→Massage (EX)

→Full Counter (S+)

→Doku Doku no Mi (S)

→Strawberry Flavored Sperm (A)

→Heart Crying Echoing (A+)

→Patting (S)

→Eternal Couple (EX)

→Harem Halo (SSS)

→Mysterious Pendant Key - Item Quest (A)

→Fragment of Light - Item Quest (S)

→World Tree (SSS → EX)

→Driving (EX)

Character Card:

→BoboiBoy Thunderstorm (S): 100%

→Demon King Varvatos (SS+): 100%

→Anos Voldigoad (SSS): 12%

Influenced Franchise Plot:

→To Love Ru: 14%

→Highschool DxD: 23%

→Bunny Girl Senpai: 71%

Other than the question mark of his race, which seemed to have a mysterious background other than humans that made his lips twitch. Damn, he would have to ask Miss System about this later.

Everything else just reminded him what rewards he had gotten so far and the extent of the franchise plots he had influenced.

Putting the latter aside, but about the rewards.

The last two were the rewards he had gotten in the past few days.

For example "World Tree".

As the name suggests. This was indeed a world tree, a small world in the secondary dimension that was automatically created for him. He, or those who are granted access, can enter the World Tree in the secondary dimension.

Actually right now, apart from him, he had allowed the people in his organization to make the World Tree the headquarters of Shadow Garden.

At first he was quite confused thinking about where he would build his own organization's headquarters when he first got this organization. Because there was no way it would be forever in his house, right? Please, that's not cool.

But he did not expect after working so hard on the Excalibur arc yesterday where he had to manipulate this and that.

He got this item!

A growth-type item that solved the problem of his organization's headquarters and also gave him the safest place in the universe. If anything happened in the future, he could bring his girls to live inside the World Tree.

When he first saw the description of this item, Eiji couldn't help but remember the people called Cultivators in that novels.

They also had something similar to him. But unlike those Cultivators who expanded the small world within themselves with the increase of their cultivation base.

His "World Tree" or small world could grow just by feeding on the planets scattered in this universe.

One might be confused when hearing this description. Even he was also confused when he first heard it. But after asking Miss System.

He understood.

World Trees could grow on their own and increase in size by spreading their roots through the secondary dimension to the primary dimension where they silently thrust their roots into the core of every planet in the universe.

In other words, unlike a cultivator. He doesn't need to do anything and his personal Small World will grow by itself.

This sounded terrifying. But since it was a growth item, there was naturally a limit to how efficiently the process of "Eating Planets" could be done. Currently, his World Tree was even absorbing the core of a certain planet far out in space.

Unfortunately, it was only one planet and the process itself took quite a bit of time.

Fortunately, he could control which planets were allowed to be eaten and which were not. He certainly wouldn't let the World Tree eat the planet Earth or even the home planet of his first fiancée, Lala who lived on the planet Deviluke.

In fact, he had asked Zastin for information about the people from any planets out there who were hostile to the people on Deviluke and opposed to Lala's father.

As a good son-in-law, wouldn't it be natural to help exterminate people who might be a threat to his fiancée's family?

There's also his latest reward that he got after making Irina break her friendship with Issei yesterday. Giving the protagonist a mental attack for the umpteenth time.

He get "God Level Driving", which was written as EX level inside his Status panel.

As the name suggests. It's literally a driving skill that makes him able to definitely beat the protagonist in a racing movie like in a Fast and Furious movie or something.

Thinking of that movie. Eiji wondered if the protagonist also existed in this world? The other party is an ordinary person who is good at racing and that's it. So it must be easy to deal with him.

He was actually only slightly interested in the heroine in the movie.

Just a little.

Eiji shook his head while putting fresh wagyu meat into his shopping trolley. "Forget about the heroine in those movies. They're honestly not my taste and I'm worried about getting a green hat for including those girls in my harem."

"That reminds me of a certain fanfic I once read where the author made the protagonist not mind having an open relationship."

"Gosh I remember that time I had a mental attack."

He shuddered. Even with his current power, he still would not remember the poisonous things he accidentally read in his previous life correctly.

¶{Host! There's a heroine near you!}

Eiji who was putting a box of chili peppers into his grocery cart made an ugly expression when he heard what his system said.

"Oh please... Miss System, I swear, if it happens to be some heroine I'm referring to. I'd better pretend I didn't see her and finish my grocery shopping quickly."

Miss System did not expect one day to hear her host look so reluctantly at the heroine. I mean, I thought as long as it was a heroine. No matter what type it is, her host will always be greedy.

But what did she see now? Shee clearly sensed that her host was feeling very disgusted. It's almost the same when he feels disgusted with a certain protagonist that he often complains about.

Even so.

¶{No, host! You misunderstand! This is not what you had in mind. It's the heroine of a 2D franchise.)

¶{Exactly an anime.)

Eiji immediately looked around.

"Where is she?"


Just now you were disgusted with the heroine. Now you suddenly change your emotions.

Is it because it's an anime heroine? So you're not so reluctant?

"Don't misunderstand me. I just wanted to check how pretty it is. Cough, I mean which franchise the heroine is from."

"If it catches my eye, I'll make my move. If not, forget it."

You said that but now you're moving!

You push your grocery cart faster while looking for the heroine I'm talking about.

Miss System sighed. "Straight to the right and turn to the left."

"She seems to be having trouble picking up something on a shelf that's much taller than her body."

"Host this is your chance!!!"

"...." Eiji.

This woman was actually more excited than him, right?

Although he was curious how Miss System could know what the heroine was doing.

Maybe she hacked into the CCTV cameras inside the supermarket?

But whatever.

What was more important now was to see how pretty the heroine was!

Don't think just because of heroine, you can get into my eyes!

Miss System wanted to complain about the last one, but it was too late as her host was surprised to see who the heroine was.


A girl with a pink hoodie, white hat, sunglasses, black hotpants and long purple hair stood on tiptoes and jumped.

She was trying to grab a box of sanitary napkins placed at the very top of the shelf. But due to her height of only 151cm, she was having trouble reaching the items she wanted.

"The sanitary napkins are placed too high. Should I call an attendant to help me pick it up?"

However, she shook her head. She didn't want to risk her identity being discovered by others who might know her.

She just wanted to buy a box of sanitary pads and didn't want to accidentally bump into her fans because it would be troublesome.

"Girl, do you need help?"

A masculine voice sounded not far beside her. Her body stiffened, but she quickly won herself over and looked at the kind man offering her help.

Before she could answer, he had already grabbed the box of pads she wanted and handed it to her.

He was much taller than her and he could take what she wanted easily.

"Here, take it."

"T-Thank you.

"You're welcome."

The man smiled.

Of all the men she had ever seen. This man now standing in front of her was probably the most handsome.

He had snow-white hair and red eyes that were no less unique than the six-pointed star eyes behind her glasses.

She thanked him for helping her and that was it. She honestly wanted to rush home as she felt that her body could not last much longer.

But before she wanted to walk towards the cashier to pay for her sanitary napkins.

She suddenly heard a voice in her head.

{That hair, those eyes, that face... Although this girl is hiding her identity}.

{I know she's a heroine! Exactly an idol who's recently on the rise!}

{Ai Hoshino. I didn't expect to meet her at the supermarket.}


Her identity is known!

Who is it?


The girl, Ai Hoshino looked around and wondered who had just spoken?

Surprisingly there was no one except the man who had just helped her not far behind her.

Wait. Could it be that man?!

She looked back and saw the man looking surprised when she looked back at him.

[What's with this girl? Didn't you decide to leave immediately after thanking me? Don't tell me you just realized my good looks and wanted to ask for my contact number? Yare-yare...]

Who wants to ask for your number?!

Ai was again surprised.

She realized that other than the man, it was indeed the owner of the voice.

She saw that the man did not open his mouth while speaking and it seemed that what she heard was his inner voice!

Besides, what does it mean for her to be called a heroine?

For her Idol identity she could understand. But heroine? She doesn't understand.

"What's wrong, Girl? Are you forgetting something?"

"It's okay! Sorry to bother you, mister."

"You're not disturbing... Hey you, be careful!"

Although what had just happened was shocking. Ai didn't want to stay longer at the supermarket, she wanted to go home immediately.

Her legs were getting weak because she was actually having her period. However, it was also because of this that she would fall when she wanted to run.

She could hear the man's screams when he saw her about to fall.

They were quite far away. So there was no way the other party would have time to save her.

She could only prepare to feel the pain, especially at her menstrual site after she fell.

It must be painful.


But instead of feeling pain, her body was floating in the air. Or rather she was now being carried like a princess by that man!

[You suddenly turned to me again and suddenly ran away. Do I look scary? Luckily I was able to catch this girl].

[Hm... It seems like her body is not well. Let me check using my magic.]

Magic? Is this man suffering from a disease called 8th syndrome? She remembered reading about the signs of people who have this disease on the internet.

For example, the person would imagine too much or something like that.

[Oh? So this girl, Ai Hoshino is having her monthly cycle.]


"H-How did you know?" Ai couldn't help but ask with a surprised look.

"Knew? Know what? By the way, can you walk? Your legs seem to be very weak."

[Of course I know. If I said I used magic to figure it out. Would this girl believe me? No, she'll definitely think I'm suffering from 8th grade syndrome.]

"Ah... T-That..."


She did think this man had 8th grade syndrome! But that was before because she now somewhat believed that this man could actually use magic!

But putting that aside, this man didn't seem to know his inner voice could be heard.

And about his question...

"I can, please put me down."

"Sure, but you have to walk slowly after this, okay?"


This man was very considerate of her.

Although he knew her identity, he also seemed to pretend not to know.

After being lowered from the man's arms, Ai stood up on both feet. However, it was not long before she frowned and lost her balance.

Fortunately, that man hugged her and her face bumped into his muscular, hard, yet somehow very comfortable chest.

Ai blushed.

Her glasses and the box of pads in her hand almost fell off.

"Gosh, I told you to be careful. It looks like you can't walk properly with your current condition."

"Y-Yes mister. Sorry to trouble you."

"Hey don't apologize. Why are you apologizing?"


This had become her habit. Because of her inferiority complex and worry that people would hate her.

She would immediately apologize if she felt she did something wrong to others.

[This girl is the same as in the original work. It seems like the plot hasn't started yet and Ai Hoshino is just rising in her career as an idol].

[Because of that, she is still not completely good at pretending to hide her original low-key personality except on stage.]


How? How did this man know about her so far?

Ai Hoshino was confused.

It was the most exciting and confusing day for her to meet a man whom she could hear his inner voice.

Surprisingly not like with other people. Because she could hear his inner voice, she felt less nervous and worried that the other party would hate her.

After all, from his inner voice, she knew he didn't even feel offended after she had inconvenienced him by helping her this far!

"Tell you what. How about I help you pay for this at the cashier and drive you home? I happen to have my own car."

The man was very kind. He was even willing to help her this far!

But she hesitated, and felt unwilling to trouble others...

[I see that this girl is hiding her identity for fear of someone finding out about her identity and affecting her reputation as an idol.]

[If people who know her know she's in her current monthly cycle and has trouble walking. Putting aside my disinterest, but what if someone else at the supermarket finds out and posts this news on the internet? I can imagine this girl would get into a bit of trouble.]

"Mister, I'm going to trouble you. But please help me and I will definitely repay your kindness later."

There was no other choice! It was better to agree to accept this man's help than risk getting caught by her fans or something.

The man smiled and carried her as if she were a princess which made her blush.

"Don't worry about repaying my kindness. Even without that. I'm actually happy to help a pretty girl in distress."


After Eiji managed to persuade Ai Hoshino to be escorted home.

With the persuasion of an inner voice and an absurd halo harem.

Leaving aside the latter, but the former might make one wonder why Ai Hoshino seems to be hearing his inner voice for the first time?

She's not like the other heroines who have been hearing his inner voice for a long time.


Blame someone for that.

¶{Don't blame me, host. The inner voice has its limits too, okay? Just like a game server can't accommodate everyone. If the server is full, you have to create a new server.}

So there you have it...

It's basically the 2nd server's inner voice that makes her want to laugh.

In this server 2. The heroines such as Lala, Rias, Sona and the heroine before Ai Hoshino will not be able to hear his inner voice.

As Miss System said, this is a different server and the range of this server is also more limited than server 1.

Miss System said that she needs time to optimize server 2. Please give her time which he answered is not necessary because it is actually more interesting.

¶{Do as you please, host.}

Although it is a little troublesome to start from the beginning to explain how mysterious and how great you are to the new heroine.

But no matter.

Eiji wanted to say that he was a master of the inner voice.

Starting from scratch? Do it!

They really did.

I mean he got the Idol into his Supercar after paying for their groceries at the supermarket.

"Mister, are you sure it's okay to let me into your car?"

[Stop looking down on yourself. Are you so nervous getting into a car like this Dodge Viper Arc? Cough, looks like I need to boost your confidence, girl. You are very beautiful and have a good heart! Trust me, with just those two points you are 100% worthy of sitting in my car!]

Ai Hoshino, that girl bowed her head in slight embarrassment.

Why are you shouting and praising me so loudly in your heart? Although she should have started to get used to hearing people's praise as an Idol.

But hearing people's praise directly from that person's inner voice.

She was a little embarrassed because it wasn't like the others who praised her with lies and a little exaggerated truth. This man's praise is really sincere, isn't it?

"It's fine. It's just like I said before. I'm just happy to help a pretty girl in distress."

"By the way. What's your name, girl?"

To woo the heroine who just heard your inner voice and you're meeting for the first time.

First, you should pretend that you don't know her even though you do. That way, you'll eliminate the suspicion that you're manipulating your inner voice or something.

And see? This will also encourage the heroine to be curious about you.

Eiji smiled as if he didn't know an Idol was sitting with him in his car.

By the way he also didn't forget to start the car engine which sounded like...



Damn, this is good. He should drive his Supercar more often instead of using boring teleportation magic.


Ai didn't know why this man was even pretending not to know her even though he seemed to know a lot about her.

About her heroine and the original work also confused her.

Was she a character or something that he knew from something?

Although she did not have a hobby of watching anime, reading novels, or enjoying other works of fiction.

In her spare time, she remembered idly watching anime on her phone while eating. And yes, she had heard the female characters there called heroine or something like that.

Because of this, she couldn't help but be curious about this man. And since he had also been so kind to help her so far, she felt uncomfortable if she didn't even tell him her real name.

"My name, Ai Hoshino. Mister, what is your name?"


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