1554 My Seed of Reality! I

As Noah obtained the Fealty of two Seventh Firmament Primordials in one Reality and set off towards the lands of Primordials, his True Body within his home Reality had gathered all the important personages to witness the birth of something fantastical!

His tour with his mom started with a blue planet and the glimmer of lands around it as to finish it all off…he gathered everyone in an area of the expansive Sea of Ruination light years away from where they could see the cluster of over three thousand Cosmos that was the Infinite Empire far off in the distance.

Within the crimson sea, Amelia could be seen talking with Adelaide, Barbatos, and all of Noah's women that were clustered around her with a smile as she held the spoiled little Henry at the very center, her voice coming out as she asked curiously towards Noah's figure not too far away.


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