1430 Domineering Advancement!

A phenomenon of utter fantasy played out as while forging Cosmos within his Origin, unique resources moved to complete his Nomological Edicts as five raging Flames bloomed at once!

In the Cosmic Holy Land, even Hyperion had to stop his advancement to gaze towards Noah's location, seeing the body of this existence bursting with thunder and multicolored light as it seemed like an ancient being reforging every part of himself after waking up from eons of slumber.

Every time a Cosmos was formed in his expanding Cosmic Filament, a burst of unique essence was released from it to bathe his body as those perceptive could see the muscles and bones being reforged and strengthened in real time!

Thereafter, countless Universal Singularities would bloom as even more Cosmos would be born, and this process would go on to repeat for a shocking number of 1 Million times as this…was the number of Cosmos that would be forged from a single Shard of a Seed of Reality.


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