Infinite Death Games Apocalypse: The Rise of Villains

"You have three lives - One as a human, one as a survivor, and one as a hunter." In the year 202X, a chilling phenomenon grips the globe as 20,000 individuals vanish without a trace overnight. This eerie occurrence repeats every Sunday at midnight, sending shockwaves through society. Despite the escalating disappearances over 20 consecutive weeks, the world remains indifferent to the growing crisis. Among the missing is Vesper Pallas, whose fate thrusts him into a realm of perilous existence. Confronted with life-threatening situations, he unravels the sinister truth behind the abductions and the ensuing terror. Following a fateful encounter with a mysterious figure resembling the Grim Reaper, Vesper is forced into a triad of roles: a father, a prey, and a relentless hunter in pursuit of answers.

DamnPlotArmor · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
72 Chs

"There is no indication that they were involved. This case is unrelated to that," he asserted, dispelling speculations about broader conspiracy theories.

Chapter 41 - Earth Intermission - 8

Mary pauses for several seconds before her tone shifts. "Did you convert all your credits into gold bars or something?"

Vesper still has 6,148.60 credits to spare. However, he fabricates a lie. Vesper dryly laughs, explaining that he only spent all credits to acquire the gold bars. 

"Yes, I've already used up all my credits."

"...You fool. Anyway, since you have a significant amount of gold, I'll send someone to pick you up," Mary concludes before abruptly ending the call with a beep.

Confused by the sudden change, Vesper attempts to call her again.


"Sorry. This number does not exist." 

"What?!" Vesper exclaims, double-checking the call history to ensure he dialed correctly. 

The number wasn't wrong. 

Frustrated and bewildered, he decides to wait for Mary to contact him again. In the meantime, he withdraws a reward rune and purses his lips. After a long pause of hesitation, he equips it anyway. 



At midnight, Vesper dresses casually while awaiting further instructions. A knock at the door startles him, and upon opening it, he is faced with a tall, bald man dressed in a black suit, standing imposingly at 6'9.

"Mr. Pallas, I'm here to escort you," the man declares.

Nervously, Vesper nods. Carrying a cloth package full of gold bars, Vesper follows the giant from his apartment to a black Alphard Van with tinted windows. As they reach their destination, the giant opens the door for Vesper, revealing Mary Sue inside the van. She sits elegantly, sipping wine and wearing a revealing evening dress, sparkling earrings, and a flawless face that captivates Vesper's attention.

"Get in, rookie," Mary beckons with a smirk.


Vesper takes a deep breath as he steps into the van. The giant closes the door behind him with a heavy thud, the sound of finality accentuating the gravity of the situation. The driver swiftly locks the door, sealing them in. The man-in-black, who has been a formidable presence throughout, settles into the shotgun seat as the engine hums to life, setting the vehicle in motion.

Inside the van's confined space, Vesper finds himself in a tense atmosphere. Mary occupies one of the plush passenger seats, her demeanor calm yet hinting at an underlying sense of authority. Opposite her, Vesper settles into his seat, trying to maintain composure despite the mounting apprehension. A small refrigerator hums softly in front of him, a stark contrast to the tension in the air. Positioned strategically between the cockpit and passenger area, a large 27-inch curved monitor plays a movie, its glow casting shifting shadows in the confined space.

Mary hands Vesper a black blindfold, its fabric soft yet ominous in its implications. Her voice, though polite, carries an undeniable weight as she speaks. 

"Cover your eyes for the time being," she requests, her tone leaving no room for negotiation.

Glancing at the blindfold, Vesper's mind races with questions and concerns. The giant, previously stoic, now turns to face him, a silent reminder of the seriousness of their circumstances. Without hesitation, Vesper complies, pulling the blindfold over his eyes. 

Mary adjusts it with deft movements, ensuring that Vesper is completely unable to see.

"Thank you for cooperating," Mary acknowledges, her voice carrying a mixture of gratitude and authority. "I understand the blindfold won't hinder your abilities, but it's our protocol."

Sitting in darkness, Vesper's thoughts race. He wonders about the nature of this mysterious club and the purpose of this clandestine meeting. The air in the van seems to thicken with each passing moment, adding to the sense of anticipation and uncertainty.

"Before we proceed," Mary begins, her voice cutting through the silence, "do you have any questions or concerns?"

Vesper seizes the opportunity. "What can you tell me about the trials, the death games? And where are you taking me?"

Mary pauses, the weight of Vesper's questions hanging in the air. After a moment of contemplation, she sighs deeply, as though preparing herself for a difficult conversation. "I'll answer your questions," she concedes, "but first, I have one for you. How far have you gone into the trials? Tutorials? First 3 stages?"

"What do you mean?" Vesper's brow furrows in confusion.

"What was the last stage you completed?" Mary's tone is probing, seeking information.

Vesper offers a wry smile, blending truth and deception. "I recently finished the three tutorial stages, all with S ranks."

"Interesting," Mary remarks, a faint smile playing on her lips as she diverts her gaze, concealing a hint of amusement. "Next question: What is your status? Tell me your attributes and the element you possess."

Vesper's eyes narrow slightly as a warning from Xenokaz echoes in his mind - never divulge status information to anyone. 

"Can I not answer that question?"

Without warning, the giant in the shotgun seat pivots, brandishing an M4 rifle aimed squarely at Vesper. His demeanor is stern, his expression uncompromising.

"You must answer the question." Mary's warning is clear. 

"That's a second question, ma'am. Could you answer mine first?" Vesper tries to buy time, sensing the escalating tension.

"Answer it, or face the consequences," Mary's voice carries a weight of authority.

Vesper's skepticism grows. Mary's demeanor raises suspicions. With a dismissive snort, Vesper responds reluctantly. 

"Fine. Ten in every category."

"What about your element?" Mary presses further.

"What element?" Vesper feigns ignorance, trying to conceal his true abilities.

The tension heightens as the giant readies his weapon, but Mary intervenes with a raised hand, forestalling any drastic action. She calmly repeats her query. 

"Have you acquired a special reward rune? It's an elemental aptitude rune that unlocks new attributes and spells."

Vesper maintains his façade, denying knowledge of such a rune. Inside, he steels himself against revealing his true capabilities, especially his mastery of gold element magic.

"Never heard of it."

"I see." Mary fixates on Vesper's left eye, which emits a steady glow of golden light. A sense of satisfaction spreads across her features, and she turns to the giant in the front seat, silently signaling for him to stand down.

The giant holsters his rifle and shifts his focus forward, releasing a small sigh of relief.

"It's your turn, Mr. Vesper Pallas. You may ask two questions," Mary offers graciously.

Seizing the opportunity, Vesper contemplates his queries carefully. While he initially considers asking about the trial world, he decides to delve into the mystery surrounding their identities instead.

"Who are you people?" 

Mary's surprise is evident. "You're skipping questions about the trials for now?"

"Please answer my question first." 

The giant and the driver share a moment of amusement, chuckling amongst themselves, while Mary lets out a light laugh, shaking her head as she reclines in her seat.

"We work for the PIA, the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. We operate under the direct jurisdiction of the United Nations, and we're tasked with gathering you, one of many survivors, to our HQ," Mary explains.

Vesper's reaction is one of astonishment. The name of the organization is entirely unfamiliar to him.

"Are you serious?" 

"Haven't you been keeping up with the news?" Mary counters.

"I'm a gaming live streamer. I don't watch TV or follow news channels."

The men in the front seats burst into laughter, while Mary can't help but cover her face with both hands, amused by Vesper's response.