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Dante de Marco. The arrogant, ruthless, self obsessed mafia leader who never lost. No matter the game.. no matter the opponent, he always won. His path leading to victory wasn't covered with rose petals though. It was covered with blood...blood which dint belong to him. Now, due to what he calls a momentary lapse of judgement, he finds himself in strangest of places...HELL. A hell which wasn't created by him. A hell where he dint make the rules. Yet again, odds were in his favor. He was presented with a chance to get his life back. 'A game' they called it as. 'An oppurtunity meant only for HIM' he saw it as. In his quest to find his life back, he found something he never considered would exist. Amongst the demons, he found his angel. With ghosts from past haunting and buried secrets threatening to unravel, he learned that winning isnt as easy as taking. Yet, he fought. But, in DEATH'S game for LIFE, may be, being a winner means losing it all.


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