The world is bright, even brighter than what I imagined. The first seventeen years were dull, spending all my time touching all things, pretending to be satisfied with the texture of it. Mom whispered, "The world is cruel, it's better for you not to see it." Dad uttered, "Secrets are meant to be secrets. If you heard that "access denied" don't ever cross it." The confrontation lacks weight as they try to intoxicate me with various information as I grow up. Let me ask you, what's essential? Is it your sense of smell, your privilege to hear things, your ability to taste everything, or is it your hands? Ever considered living without your sight, who are you? You define yourself as to what people tell you. You dress yourself the way they wanted too coz after all, it's their satisfaction that matter. You touch things to feel it, hoping your brain can understand what's behind a rough or a fine surface. From the start, you are seeing things differently to what they see for your eyes are their mouth and they only tell lies. Grandma said, "Be contented Lucy. You are denied of something for you are gifted about something. Isn't it fair?" Grandpa said, "You'll realize it as you grow older. You'll realize in time how having no sight is more of a fortune than a disgrace." Until I get older and my egocentric psyche grows with me, holding my hand and even taking over me. I wanted what's theirs, I wanted to have those. Let me have it please. Let me have a chance to see until I regret it. Regret seeing my mother cried in your hands, you cruel beast. You deserve to die. Let her live. Discord server: https://discord.gg/7vRstbtw

Phantoms_are_true · Horror
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32 Chs

CHAPTER 29 (final chapter)

"Good afternoon Miss Rodriguez.", my prof who always called me in front of his class to stand until the very end of his lesson greeted me.

"Good afternoon prof.", I smiled and greeted him.

"I heard what happened to your mom. My condolences to you and I'm sorry for treating you bad in my class."

"Nothing to be sorry for prof, I always come to school with a messy head. It's my fault."

"You're waiting for?", he asked.

I am standing near Josh's room. We'll be going home to my grandparents that's why I am waiting for his dismissal.

"I am waiting for Josh sir.", I said and he smiled.

"You two are dating?", he asked.

"We're exes.", I said.

"You should try working out again. I mean I've known him for years and he never dated anyone before neither do you right?", I nodded.

"Lucy, how long have you been here?", Josh suddenly popped up behind me.

"Excuse me love birds.", our prof said before he walked pass us.

"Where's Rain?", he asked again.