In Naruto with Slightly Perverted System

***** Beware! There is no proper logic in this story!!! The early chapters are very rocky since this is my first time but it gets better. I promise. ***** Akihiko, a person from Earth was reincarnated into the World of Naruto with his Slightly Perverted System although most of the missions the System gives are super perverted. ***** I'm just a amateur writer who wants to write fanfictions. So if my writing is a bit bad, sorry.

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[Trap or Not? (Haku Edition)]

[Description: Do you want to do it to a cute woman? or a cute man? If you do not want to be bamboozled, check the gender first.]

[Reward: Steal]

[Penalty: You will never know the mysteries of his/her gender]


'Is there any compensation if Haku was a boy?' Akihiko asked.


'Understandable, have a great day.' Akihiko thought as he accepted the mission.

He thought 'High risk, high return.'

As he thought that, he left Tazuna's home.

"Good morning, everyone. Today is a beautiful day so let's praise the sun!" Akihiko said as he spread his arms wide while looking at the sky.

"…" Naruto

"…" Sasuke

"…" Sakura

Kakashi looked at Akihiko with deadfish eyes and said, "Did you go crazy?"

"Tch. Is it so hard to just Praise the Sun?" Akihiko asked as he walked towards them.

"Anyways, hasn't the mission been completed already? So, why are we still waiting here?" Akihiko asked, although he already knew the reason.

At that moment, Tazuna came out of the house.

"I have something to tell you all." Tazuna said as he walked near Akihiko, Kakashi, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura.

"The Land of Waves had been taken over by Gato, a shipping magnate. He made the whole land bankrupt and the only way to revitalize the economy is to build a bridge to connect to the mainland. However, Gato sent ninjas to disrupt it. The real mission of Team 7 is to support and protect the bridge building efforts." Tazuna explained, making Kakashi nod.

Sasuke and Naruto were excited as they heard about ninjas being sent to disrupt the bridge. This meant that they could fight with the ninja. Sakura, on the other hand, was curious about something.

"But why didn't they attack us yesterday when we were travelling?"

"Hmm, that's a great question. The answer to the question is, "I don't know." " Tazuna replied, making Sakura's face twitch at the unexpected answer.

"Oh, I killed them on the way." Akihiko said as he stretched his back.


Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Tazuna were shocked although Naruto and Sasuke composed themselves quickly.

After that, Tazuna went back inside the house while Kakashi gathered Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to train them and went to the woods.

"Today, I am going to teach you how to walk on trees." Kakashi said as Sakura didn't believe it.

"Oh, you mean this?" Sasuke said as he easily climbed the large tree without any difficulties. Kakashi was surprised but he was even more surprised when Naruto climbed the tree although he didn't reach as far as Sasuke.

Akihiko who was looking at this just grinned and whispered to Kakashi.

"See, I raised them. I am such a great teacher." Akihiko wiped his fake tears and boasted about himself.

"Phak Yu." Kakashi just said two words and went to Sakura.

"Naruto and Sasuke, just go and spar. I will help Sakura train. Sakura, you can try." Kakashi said as he thought 'I can at least teach one person.'

But Sakura just climbed the tree up to the first branch.

'Alright, Phak Yu all. I will just go and read Make Out Tactics.' Kakashi just thought with an annoyed face

Naruto, Sasuke and Akihiko laughed loudly as they saw the scene.

Sakura was looking at this and felt left out.


[1 hour later]

Currently, Team 7 was protecting and helping Tazuna build the bridge while Akihiko was chilling on the hammock that he made while his shadow clone was using a leaf to fan Akihiko as he slept peacefully. Another shadow clone was massaging Akihiko's legs while another shadow clone was massaging his shoulders and arms.

"Shadow Clone Aboose" (Clone 1)

"I agree. Shadow Clone Aboose." (Clone 2)

*nods sagely*

"Heartless Fucker." (Clone 3)

"Wait, isn't that just basically just degrading ourselves?" (Clone 1)

"I guess so." (Clone 3)

"Who cares? Clone Aboose!" (Clone 2) shouted waking Akihiko up.

"Shit! I can't even sleep properly. Dismiss the jutsu now."

"See? Clone Aboose!" (Clone 2) yelled before he dispersed into smoke.

"Haah, I can't even sleep properly." Akihiko muttered as he stood up



Team 7 was currently fighting against Zabuza. Kakashi and Zabuza were in a stalemate while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura protected Tazuna.

"Kakashi of the Sharingan, what will you do?" Zabuza asked as he pointed his large sword at Kakashi.

Kakashi pulled his Konoha headband and adjusted it, showing his sharingan.

"Oh, Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei have the same eye as you." Naruto tapped Sasuke in the arm.

"Yeah, but his eyes aren't natural. They fake. They are transplanted. They are like fake boobs. Looks good but doesn't feel good. Mom told me that it drains their chakra when a non-Uchiha uses the sharingan." Sasuke calmly explained to Naruto.

"I see, I see." Naruto nodded and closed his eyes.

Kakashi heard them but ignored them. They were fighting on the river so Zabuza had a lot of advantage.

Zabuza used Hidden in the Mist technique and used water from the river to create a heavy mist.

Kakashi's vision was limited to 10 meters around him and so did Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Tazuna.

Kakashi saw a silhouette coming to attack him as he quickly defended himself and used a kunai to stab through "Zabuza".

However, it was a Water Clone as it turned into water and the real Zabuza appeared beside Kakashi, trapping Kakashi with Water Prison Technique and left another clone to attack Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and smiled before both of them created a shadow clone and left them to guard Tazuna.

Sasuke activated his double-tomoe sharingan and unsheathed his katana while Naruto used Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu to create hundreds of annoying clones and defeated Zabuza's clone easily. After that, they used the Fuma Shuriken technique to free Kakashi and Sasuke even left an injury on Zabuza's back.


While the others were fighting, Akihiko was currently with a cute woman or maybe a man. Their position was extremely embarrassing since the girl had her hand up in Akihiko's crotch.

"Hey, are you a pervert?" Akihiko asked as he pushed the girl away but accidentally pushed her chest and he felt something soft bouncing.

[Mission Completed]

[Steal Skill Gained]

[Accept Now?]


'Accept it.' Akihiko thought as the skill appeared in his status.

[Steal (Low)]

"---big." Akihiko heard the girl murmur.

"Big what? Big body? Big eyes? Big nose? Big dick?" Akihiko asked as he looked at the girl who was Haku as if she was a disgusting pervert.

"B-big body, you have a big body." Haku quickly replied but she thought 'Shit! Is he a horse or something?'

"Huh? Are you calling me fat?" Akihiko squinted his eyes and asked again in a slightly angry manner, although he wasn't really angry.

"No, I was just telling you that you had good muscles." Haku replied as she looked up and saw Akihiko looking at her as if she was a disgusting pervert.

She didn't know why but she felt slightly good in her mind.

"Alright, what's your name?" Akihiko asked her with still the disgusted look in his eyes.

"H-Haku." Haku replied as she felt even better.

"Alright, Haku. Remember my name, Akihiko. I will make you my maid." Akihiko declared even though he didn't know what he just said.

'Fuck! That was cringy!' Akihiko yelled in his mind.

Haku just thought 'Does he have a maid fetish?' as she ran away, not even noticing that her panties went missing.

Akihiko now had a pair of panties in his right arm as he muttered, "As I thought, Steal is an overpowered skill."

He tossed it into the [Treasures] and just leisurely went to where Tazuna was building the bridge.


Zabuza currently has many injuries, his left arm was cut off by Kakashi's Chidori while Sasuke and Naruto were distracting him.

But then, a hunter-nin came and "killed" Zabuza before leaving on his/her own.

They both then disappeared.

"Haah, I guess we can finish building the bridge now." Naruto said as he turned to Tazuna.

"Yeah, let's continue." Tazuna had a flame of determination in his eyes.

However, Kakashi and Sasuke were both suspicious of the hunter-nin who killed Zabuza with several senbon. However, Kakashi fainted and almost drowned in the water.

Sasuke saved Kakashi and they walked back to Tazuna's home together. They met with Akihiko on the way back.



In the Yakiniku shop, a woman was wearing a red mesh armour blouse with the right sleeve being red. She had wild back-length hair and bright red eyes. She was currently drinking sake alone, thinking about a certain someone with purple hair who liked to wear black colour outfits.

"Haah, that idiot. Why am I missing that idiot?" Kurenai muttered as she drank another cup of sake.


[Back to Land of Waves]

Kakashi was currently sleeping inside Tazuna's home as he was too exhausted.

Outside, Akihiko was teaching Sasuke and Naruto on taijutsu.

"Come on, you can do better." Akihiko said as he blocked everything easily.

Naruto and Sasuke used all their strength but everything was blocked by Akihiko.

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!" Naruto shouted.

"I told you not to use it this time." Akihiko said as he just dashed and held OG Naruto by the leg and hit all of the clones using Naruto as a weapon.

"AHHHH! I'M SORRRYYY!" Naruto yelled out as he cried and after they finished, he vomited immediately.

Sasuke just shook his head as he tried to attack Akihiko again.

He attacked Akihiko for around 10 minutes more before he fell down on the ground as he lost all strength.

Akihiko carried them and searched for his hammock in the forest. He just dropped the two of them on the hammock and returned to the front of Tazuna's home.

When Akihiko arrived there, Sakura called Akihiko's name.


"Yeah? What do you want?" Akihiko turned around and asked her.

"Can you teach me how to become stronger?"


"Why?" Sakura questioned as she felt confused.

"Why not? Your behavior, your attitude. I don't like it. That's all. I might accept to teach you if you know where to change though. Anyways, bye." Akihiko said as he walked away.

Sakura fell silent there and was in deep thought.


Akihiko teleported to Uchiha Household and had a "fun" time together with Kushina, Mikoto, Izumi, Yugao, Anko and Pakura.



[Age: 12(Immortal)]

[Chakra: 9420/9420(Jonin)]

[Chakra Control: 99.969420%]

[Kekkai Genkai: Jugo's Bloodline (Side Effect Removed), Sharingan(3 Tomoe)]

[Sage Mode: Perfected] (Naruto's Six Path Sage Mode is another thing since it was Sage Mode + Hagoromo's chakra)


[Enhanced Endurance]

[Massage Talent]

[Taijutsu Talent]

[Cooking Talent]

[Weaponry Talent]

[Ninjutsu Talent]

[Kenjutsu Talent]


[Comfortable Hug]

[Breast Sucking]

[Taijutsu Mastery (Master)]

[Shuriken and Kunai Mastery (Expert)]

[Fuinjutsu Mastery (Expert)]

[The D]

[Cookie Baking Mastery]

[Hiten Mitsurugi Mastery (Master)]

[Kenjutsu Mastery (Master)]

[Head Patting Mastery (Master)]

[Sperm Control (Expert)]

[Hiraishin no Jutsu (Master)]

[Genjutsu Mastery (Master)]

[Eight Gates (Sixth Gate)]

[Random Music Player]

[Bondage Mastery (High)]

[Steal (Low)]


[A Goblet of Water from Fountain of Youth (1/3)]

[Hiraishin Kunai (20)]

[Cookies (10000)]

[Body Development Pills (2)]

[The Dark Side Cloak]


[UmU Hairband]

[Bear Summoning Scroll]


[Kushina's Panties]

[Mikoto's Panties]

[Izumi's Panties]

[Yugao's Panties]

[Kurenai's Panties]

[Pakura's Panties]

[Anko's Panties (Transparent)]

[Haku's Panties]





[Yugao - Lover]

[Anko - Lover]

[Pakura - Lover]

[Ino - Girlfriend]

[Hinata - Girlfriend]

[Naruto - Stepson]

[Sasuke - Stepson]




[Aisu Bearu]




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