18 Friends

The next day, Akihiko woke up to find both Kushina and Mikoto out of bed. He walked outside of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen and saw that Kushina and Mikoto were preparing breakfast.

"Good morning, Kushina, Mikoto." Akihiko said.

"Good morning."x2

"Are your legs feeling sore?" Akihiko asked worriedly.

"It's fine now. Just a little bit. I am getting used to it." Kushina answered.

"I am a bit sore but I feel younger." Mikoto replied as she was stretching her arms.

"Oh, that's because of the water I fed you yesterday. It is the same as what I gave Kushina years ago." Akihiko answered.

"Huh? Oh, do I look younger now?" Mikoto asked as she was happy that she looked younger just like any women.

"Yea, you look younger now." Kushina replied.

They then proceed to eat breakfast and out of nowhere, Akihiko suddenly asked,

"You know, I really love you both very much but you know I'll have more women in the future so if you don't like it then you can back away from this relationship right now." Akihiko said as he stared at Kushina and Mikoto.

'Haaah, I don't want to share you but I don't want to leave you even more' Kushina thought in her mind.

Kushina then karate chopped his head and said, "Of course, we're alright. Mikoto, am I right? So, you don't need to worry about it, ok?" Kushina said as he cupped Akihiko's cheek and looked him in the eyes.

"Yea, we're fine. Just do it moderately." Mikoto answered as she also smiled at Akihiko although in her mind, she was thinking the same thing as Kushina.

"Oh crap. I forgot about Naruto. " Kushina said as she changed to new clothes and ran back to her house.

"I also need to go. I-I love you, bye." Mikoto said as she also went back to her home.

'Ahh, thank you whoever gave me this chance to reincarnate. Thank you very much. Akihiko thought in his mind before going out today since he won't open the shop today.


Today, Akihiko was going to meet up with most of his friends as they made an appointment to meet up today.

[a/n: More like your only friends]

"Hey, long time no see guys." Akihiko said as he waved his hands to greet Shikamaru, Choji, Naruto, Sasuke, Ino and Hinata was also included.

"Hey, how's it like being a genin?" Choji and Naruto asked.

"Hmm, not too good not too bad." Akihiko answered after thinking.

"Hmm, what do you mean by that, Akihiko-kun?" Ino asked as she was curious about what Akihiko answered.

"Like the missions are kind of boring, since I am still a genin. Yugao-sensei said that she recommended me for the next chunin exam at Suna." Akihiko answered and a small smile appeared when he talked about Yugao.

"Oi oi oi oi, matte matte. Chunin? Akihiko, aren't you going too fast?" All the boys focused on the chunin exam while the two girls noticed the small smile when he talked about Yugao.

"Akihiko-kun, who's Yugao-sensei."x2 both girls asked at the same time before glaring at each other.

"Oh, Yugao-sensei, she's my genin instructor, since I am the only one who applied for early graduation, I don't have any teammates. So I usually do small missions while sparring with Yugao-sensei. She also teaches me kenjutsu." Akihiko replied.

"A-" Before the girls spoke, Naruto said. "How about we spar, Akihiko. It has been a long time since we trained together. I want to know how far the difference is between us."

"I also want to spar with you, Akihiko." Sasuke also joined in the conversation as he thought in his mind.

'Akihiko is a lot stronger than me. If I want to kill Danzo and Itachi, I have to become stronger'

"Umm, Shikamaru, Choji, will you also join? How about you, Hinata and Ino?"

"Umm,sure." Choji answered as he dusted his hands off for crumbs as

"What a drag." Shikamaru said but he got up and started to stretch.

"Yea, we will also join." Ino and Hinata said as they nodded.

"Alright then, I won't use my left hand." Akihiko said as he put his left arm behind his back.

"Hey, don't underestimate us." Naruto said as he showed the seal of reconciliation. The others also followed suit.

"Now let's start." Akihiko said as Shikamaru instantly uses his Shadow Possession Jutsu to bind Akihiko.

Naruto and Sasuke dashes towards Akihiko and kicked him on his neck.

However, the moment Sasuke and Naruto were about to kick Akihiko, Akihiko broke free from the Shadow Possession Jutsu and grabbed Naruto's leg and threw him towards Sasuke knocking them both out. Ino uses her Mind Possession Jutsu but got instantly ejected from Akihiko's mindscape as his willpower was stronger than Ino's so she couldn't move for the next few minutes.

Choji uses his Expansion Jutsu and rolled towards Akihiko while Hinata tried to sneak attack Akihiko from the back using Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams: 16 palms as she could only use 16 palms right now. Akihiko dodged Choji and blocked all of Hinata's attacks and chopped her at her nape, causing her to fall unconscious. He then quickly dashed towards Shikamaru and chopped him in the neck also causing him to hit the tree and fall unconscious.

"Hahh." Akihiko sighed as he carried all of them under the shade. He waited for a few minutes and Ino was the first to wake up. She looked around to see that everyone was unconscious. She decided to take that opportunity and decided to confess to Akihiko.

"Hey, Akihiko. I have something to tell you." Ino said as she tapped her fingers nervously.

"Yea, what do you want to tell me?" Akihiko asked.

"I-I like you, Akihiko. Please go out with me." She shouted as she looked at Akihiko's face.

"I love Emilia." Akihiko answered quickly.

"Huh? W-who is Emilia?" Ino asked as she felt her eyes moisten as both of her crushes rejected her.

"Hahaha, I was just kidding. Your expression was funny, you know." Akihiko said making her pout.

"Hmph, so what is your answer?" She asked again as she was quite nervous.

"How about I tell you when you become a genin?" Akihiko said with a smile as he gave Ino headpats.

'Ahh, this feels too good.' Ino thought as she felt Akihiko's headpats.

"Alright, then don't forget it alright? Pinky Promise." Ino said as she handed out her pinky finger while having a bright smile as she thought that she still had a chance since she haven't been rejected.

"Alright, pinky promise." Akihiko said as he chuckled.

[a/n: Now Ino will have loads of motivation to become genin fast]

They both talked and waited for the others to wake up.

"Huh? What happened?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his head in confusion.

"You guys lost. Pretty badly." Akihiko said as the others also woke up.

"You guys need to train harder if you want to catch up to me~" Akihiko said cheerfully.


(Sasuke's POV)

'Ughh, my head hurts.' I thought as I rubbed my head.

"Huh? What happened?" I heard Naruto's voice.

"You guys lost. Pretty badly."

As I heard Akihiko's voice, I remembered how easily I was knocked out.

'I-I'm still weak. I need to train more.' I thought in my mind as I decided to step up a notch in my training exercise.


(Naruto's PoV)

'Haaaah, I lost easily even though I trained a lot. I need to learn more from Mom and Mikoto-san. I will become stronger, dattebayo.' I made a promise to myself in my mind as I turned to look at Sasuke who also seemed to have the same thoughts as me.

We nodded at each other and knew what both sides were thinking.


After that, Akihiko decided to go to Kushina's house to learn a jutsu he wanted to learn for a long time.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Hello? Who's there?" Kushina asked from inside the house.

"It's me, Kushina."

"Oh, what's wrong, Akihiko-kun." Kushina asked as she opened the door with a smile.

"Oh, I just wanted to learn Hiraishin no Jutsu and some Uzumaki Seals if it's alright with you." Akihiko said as he looked at Kushina.

"Come in first, then we can continue our conversation." Kushina said as she grabbed his hand and dragged him inside the house.



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