57 Chapter 57: One more.

Two Nomus were facing me. I hadn't expected that the Festivals would end up like this. But whatever. The heroes shall arrive soon here anyway.

I don't know why I am here. But possibly, Tomura and Kurogiri are trying to take vengeance from me. They may want to kidnap me for some torture. I guess I wouldn't show any mercy here, since it was not a professional-hero-villain fight, but a personal matter.

I just hoped that Julia wouldn't die from anger. Ever since Julia had come here to Japan, she made me stick a GPS device in my shirt when I left for school. I can see now why she did that now.

"What a pain~"

I scoffed at the two Nomus, Star Platinum floating around me.

What a bad luck, I didn't bring my scarf here to assist me in this fight, but I guess I'll depend on my Stand and fists if it ever came to use them.

The with-no-skull creatures didn't have the same colour as the first Nomu. So they may have different abilities, I assume.

I think that I shall turn them white and unite them. But that wouldn't be as easy as it sounds. After all, they may have multi Quirks, and I don't know which one they have, besides regeneration, as I'm seeing.

I walked slowly to their centre.

Their eyes were following me – the one with no eyes was just following me with his visible brain. He clearly could feel me moving to follow my steps.

"Can you talk? Or are you retards like your other brother."

They didn't answer me and just clenched their jaws. That was enough answer to my question.

"It's okay, by the time I'll end with you, I'll unit your colour," just like I had done to the first Nomu I had met, who seemed to be stronger than these, I'll do the same to them. I was getting pissed off enough to do that.


One of them let a roar as he dashed toward me. He had six big arms, and they seemed to be strong. They turned into a blur as they extended in my direction.

Star Platinum appeared in front of him in instant and started punching his fists back.

"Ora, Ora, Ora."

Despite that Nomu being strong, the punches got him easily from Star Platinum. I guess having an invisible Stand has an advantage. However, as this Nomu was getting punched, the other one didn't stay idle.

In instant, he appeared behind me, so fast I can say. It seems these two were designed to capture me.

Star Platinum in instant left that Nomu and went behind me, giving the sneaky one a strong punch, which almost sent him down the cliff.

However, that Nomu quickly reacted as his arm stretched and he held the edge, stopping himself from falling. He didn't climb instantly, as I could tell it was taking some time to regenerate.


The one behind me, with multi arms and green skin, approached as he extended both of his hands.


From his hands, a strong impact headed toward me. Quickly, I crossed my arms and fused with Star Platinum, giving me a great physical defence – if not the greatest.

It seems that this green Nomu has the ability to absorb attacks and release them. Which eventually meant that this impact may hold the power of the fists rush of Star Platinum, combined in one attack.

Once the impact ended and a cloud of dust was formed, the other Nomu, grey with no eyes, headed toward me with a great speed.

They punched me at the same time. But Star Platinum was shielding me, even with an impact they produced from their combined attack.

Between them, I stood still and used Hamon to transfer the shockwave of their attack at each one of them, making them taste their own medicine. Timing that was hard, but it was not all.

"Ora Ora…" Star Platinum quickly gave the green one an Ora rush, punching him from head to toe with blinking speed.

As he seemed to have the ability to absorb the attacks and release them, I'll give him too much power beyond what his Quirk can hold.

But his friend didn't seem to allow me to have my way.

The grey Nomu jumped back, squatted on his four and looked at my direction as the Stand was punching his friend.

He opened his mouth, and then, a grey gas flew out of his mouth and headed toward me in a swift speed.


Star Platinum broke several bones of the green Nomu, who seemed to be a class lower than the one I had fought – the black one.

I noticed the gas and cursed. It may be poisonous. Ordering Star Platinum, he came and stood in front of me. For a Hamon user like me, breathing was the key to use my power. With a possibly a poisoned gas around, it wouldn't allow me to do as I please against the two of them.

Now I get it. Tomura seemed to have these Nomu specifically to handle me.

Since they can't get closer to my range, they'll just try to knock me out while two of them work on my back.

Nice one, but I don't think so.

I quickly fused with Star Platinum and avoided the gas rush.

Although I could make the Stand use his super-breath to absorb the gas, it would be a silly move, since that would make me defenceless as there is another Nomu who can attack me and I can't afford to make Star Platinum busy with the gas.


The green Nomu seemed to be done from regenerating and jumped toward me as I was floating in the air.

Good, I decided to beat him until his regeneration would work no longer.

When he was in front of me, I made Star Platinum extend his arms, as he used Hamon, Zoom punch, to stretch his arms around the arms of the Nomu.

I clenched my fist in the air channelled my Hamon as well, as I could see nothing at the ground that was covered the ground. And then, I punched the Nomu on the mouth, with the intent of hypnotising him. Yellow sparks danced around his naked brain and I made my ripples talk with his subconscious.


The other grey Nomu jumped high, ready to punch me and take me down, as he could only see his friend floating.

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Knowing that I had done my job, Star Platinum the Nomu I was holding some many punches. Then, I let him down. He headed directly to the grey Nomu, extended his six arms, and then, he released the strength he had accumulated from the punches of Star Platinum, all in one go.


The cliff shook from the power of the impact, and that grey Nomu fell. The impact was so strong that it pushed the gas away, clearing the air. The grey Nomu was buried in the ground, and his regeneration speed seemed to be a bit slower. He may regenerate, but once I'm done with his friend, I would absorb his Life Ripples and age him quickly. Which would leave me one to deal with, and that would be easy.

I don't like to use this move on humans, but Nomus didn't seem to be, as they have multi quirks, which no human was recorded to have.

I knew that I may ask a lot for strength, but the fact that I was attacked at the Festival has made me think that this would end faster if I were stronger.

I landed on the ground, as the green one seemed to regain his consciousness and self-control before looking at me. He would still need time until I'm done with his friend.

But that grey Nomu didn't give up as the gas was still leaving his body, which made me extend Star Platinum in front of me, and make him use his super-breath, absorbing the gas like a black hole.

As I was about to take his life force, my sixth sense gave me a feeling of danger.

A fast figure was heading toward me.

Star Platinum stopped sucking the air, turned into a blur, and went behind me to punch.


I heard the sound of a body hitting a rock, badly.

Turing, I saw another Nomu, the third one with wings, no skull as it seems, and he was bulky as well. Not to mention that he was regenerating inside of the rock, which Star Platinum, buried him inside it.

Jumping off the rock, he stared at me.

Turning behind, I saw the grey Nomu regaining his strength. The one with multi arms stood up as well as he seemed to get rid of mind control effect now.

The three of them were approaching me.

Hah, things got harder.

Scratching my hair, I stared at them.

This is going to be a tough challenge, to deal with three Nomu's before the others would arrive.

I needed to think of a new strategy.

I don't have time to absorb their life energy, as I am in an opened location.

My only choice was to…

"I guess I'll have to beat the shit of you until I'm done." I cracked my neck and Star Platinum cracked his fists.


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