8 Chapter 8

A couple of weeks had passed since the incident at the store when I had been taken hostage and awakened my aura.

I had achieved the 2nd rank warrior, doubling my power from the previous encounter with Midnight.

It was a shame that I didn't have a sword, for I would be able to shoot a flying aura attack from it. But for now, my aura could take the shape of flame. The next rank, I should be able to use lightning, and then shoot both of them from my hand.

I wasn't so far from reaching the 1st rank. Just less than an extra month should do it. But after that, the true challenge would start, where achieving a rank would take a few months or more, given that I'd be a student.

But that wasn't important for now.

'I may not have a handsome face. But look at these guns,' I thought as I flexed in front of the mirror. I couldn't help but feel proud of myself. The fat went away after the cut, leaving me with a body full of bulging muscles, and I was getting looks here and there.

'I look like those Dragon Ball characters.'

I thought I should sell the mirror. Staring at it had taken a lot of my time, and I couldn't afford to waste any more.

Today, I wasn't going for a jog since I had a recommendation test for UA.

Midnight had kept her word and had sent me a recommendation letter. It was quite motivating. But on the other hand, I had achieved something better today.

[Ding, you leveled up to level 2.]

Apparently, thanks to my relation with Orochimaru, not only was I making a lot of money, but I was achieving things as well.

[Level 2 Chat channels are available.] [+ Spong Brain: Absorb consumable knowledge directly to the brain] [+ Adapting body: absorb the energy into the body]

I had taken a sneak peek at the 2nd level chats, where worlds ranked as level 1 were there. There were cultivation worlds here and many young masters. People were talking in a weird way with the chat, and they offered secret treasures, sect martial arts… etc. On the other hand, I found another anime world here. There were a few Devil Fruits on sale. I had been excited to buy a Logia one. But guess what. [Selling Rumble-Rumble fruit: 10,000,000 golden coins] [Flare-Flare fruit: 5,000,000 coins] Too pricey, and too in demand. You could see them being sold in an instant, and their price only kept increasing. But there were better things. [Inner energy of 50 years: 3,000 coins] [Dantian core: 1,000 coins] [Cultivation methods…]

On the other hand, I had 40,000 collected coins. The balls Mineta had on his head were now worth 200 coins each. Many had found them helpful in their quest. And Orochimaru was making me more money than my brother.

I closed the system and took a deep breath.

I left my house and took a taxi for UA Academy. I reached the gates, where I met a few guards, and I showed them my recommendation letter. One of them escorted me to the test center.

"Ara. Ara. I almost didn't recognize you," came a familiar voice of a blue-eyed heroine. I turned to her. Midnight was staring at me with her hands on her hips, tongue licking her bottom lip.

Coming toward me and standing facing me, she touched my shoulder and arms. "I see you've built up your muscles to that extent. You no longer look like a mob boss."

I laughed, because I had thought the same as her. "That's cute." I swept my eye.

"Anyway, very soon, Khan will come and test you out."

"Khan. You mean Vlad King."

"Yes. Now, go and change your clothes," she said, hitting her whip on the ground. I raised an eyebrow and questioned what was wrong with her. Of course, I didn't say it out loud. I just made my way to the locker room, wearing a workout outfit.

A pretty girl with blue hair and around my age approached me. "You're here as well."

She was the one who saved me from Teddy bear's gang.

She had her face on me, and she said, "sorry. I thought you were someone else."

"Someone from your school?" I asked.

She nodded, "how did you know?"

I smiled, "Nejire sempai. I don't think my look has changed that much."

"Oh, so it's you… what's your name again?" she asked, and I sighed in disappointment. Midnight had rejected me, Nejire didn't even remember my name despite being friends on social media.

"Minoru Kenshiro," I said, placing my hands in my pockets.

The first test was running for 100 meters, and people were picked against random others.

I observed the others, and I had to say, these recommended guys had strong quirks. I wasn't the fastest or the strongest. I had expected that.

But damn. It was fun to see Nejire flying through the race in a couple of seconds.

"Next Kenshiro and Ryo."

I went to the racing field, standing next to a man with dragon wings. We then raced. The dragon man flew, and I ran.

By the end, I outran him.

"Minoru, 5.9 seconds. Ryo, 30 seconds."

Just six seconds. That meant my speed was around 60 km/h. I clenched my fists, feeling weak already. It's okay. It wasn't my punching speed anyway. But still, I was quite frustrated not to get into spot number one. On the other hand, however, I was just a quirkless guy.

The next test was the punching test. They had us use a punching machine, and we got three tries. The first couple of tries I didn't use my aura, causing me to get a nice score. But when I activated my aura and focused on my hand, I punched so hard that my score tripled.

I got second after Nejire, who released a shockwave that was one point above my punch. Unlike her, however, I wasn't exhausted.

The tests continued, and I pushed myself in each one. There was a category that I got the first rank in, and it was reaction speed.

After the test was over, we were allowed to know if we succeeded or not. I received a letter with me as I made my way out of the school grounds. It said that I passed and was welcomed to UA at any time.

I smiled, thinking that my life as the richest hero was about to start.

I turned my head, sensing someone approaching me. When Nejire stopped running, she stood next to me and said.

"Kenshiro-San, did you pass?" she asked.

I nodded. "You?"

"I did it," she smiled as she jumped happily.

"Congratulations," I said.

"By the way, I have something to ask you," she said.

"Go ahead."

"I thought you were quirkless. How did you end up turning like this?"

Nejire seemed to be the curious type. If I told her that I awakened my quirk recently, she'd want to get into details. I knew it from her innocent look. Behind it, there was an endless pit of curiosity.

"I had a quirk that only worked when I worked out. When I started going to the gym, it awakened. That's it."

"So, because you never worked out, you ended up diagnosed as quirkless?" she said.

I nodded.

"Kenshiro San. You know, working out is healthy, and it's not good to be lazy. You should have tried that early in your life," Nejire said, looking at my body. A small redness radiated through her cheek. "If you worked out early, you wouldn't end up being bullied, and you'd have these muscles early."

"Well, better late than never," I said blandly. Although I pretended not to notice her glances, I was crying from happiness inside.

"Yes, you're right," she said, "I'm glad that you have been admitted. It's good to know I'm going to study with someone I know."

"We know each other?" I asked. We were never close or interacted much with each other.

"Well, at least we know each other's name and class," she said. "And we came from the same school."

"Guess it's nice to know at least someone," I replied.

"So, what will you be doing until the start?" She asked.

I replied, "trading… I mean training."

"Good for you. My bus is in the other way, so, see you when the school starts," she said, waving her hand.

"Yeah, see ya," I replied, before I rushed home. I was in a hurry to see what I could buy from the new market.

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