84 A night to remember

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"Humph! Bastard…"

'Mumbling in the middle of the night, Hestia speedily made her way to her new home, the Hearth Manor.'

'She ignored the people, the scenery, everything, she only wanted to go back home.'

'The reason? Perhaps even she herself didn't know, right now, she only wanted to go home and get on her bed.'


'She opened the gates and got inside, making her way to her room.'


'She jumped on her bed and stayed still, but not for long as she started to roll from one side to the other and kick the bed in anger.'

"That idiot, stupid, uncaring…"

'Cursing non-stop, Hestia slowly stopped and hugged her pillow.'

"Sigh… I messed up… I chose the wrong place and time to vent… And left just like that when I got annoyed, just like a pampered child…"

"Ahhh! Why did she appear at that time?! Just a few more seconds and… Hehehe…"

'Hestia started to kiss the pillow with a silly smile.'

"And what?" Asked Silver


'Hestia jumped in fright as she ran to the other edge of the bed almost falling, all the while under Silver's gaze.'


'Silver laughed, while Hestia narrowed her eyes. She waved her hands, telling Silver to shoo away.'

"Go away, I have nothing to say to you."

"... That's a shame, but in any case, I have a lot to do tonight." He said as he walked toward her


'When Silver circled the bed, she went to the other side, and when he went back, she did the same… This game of cat and mouse continued for a few more minutes until Hestia started to get tired.'

"Are you willing to talk now? I have all night."

"Didn't you hear that girls don't like persistent men?!"

'Silver smile disappeared, being replaced by a serious expression.'

"So you want me to stop? What a shame, I had such a great surprise for you…"

'Silver turned around and started to walk away. Hestia on the other hand, heard the word surprise and her ears perked up.'

No! It's just another one of his tricks!


'The door closed and Hestia was left alone… A minute quickly passed and it turned into 5, by that time Hestia realized he might've really left!'

"Bastard! Fine! Leave!" She screamed as she threw a pillow on the door

'She grabbed another pillow and continued to roll on the bed.'

"Sigh, women are truly a mystery." Said Silver as he opened the door again

'This made Hestia's face brighten up, but she quickly turned her face to the side.'

'Silver smiled as he watched her, step by step he got close to her and sat near her.'

"... You are not going to look at me, are you?… This makes things difficult for me."


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'In a twist! Silver hugged Hestia and pulled her closer to him, and now, Hestia was completely at his mercy!'


'Hestia looked at Silver and trembled, what was happening?! Was she dreaming again?!'

'Silver saw that and smiled.'

"Now you are interested? Isn't that a bit funny?"

"... N-Not fair…"

'Silver smiled changed to a cheeky one as he said:'

"Life is not fair… So, I will ask this once… What were you doing before we were interrupted? I'm deeply interested in that."

'Hearing this and the position she was in, Hestia's face turned crimson like that of a tomato.'

"I… I… Was…"

'Hestia's eyes darted around the place, her confidence had already deflated like a balloon without air.'

"You better choose your words carefully, I won't ask this again… And once other people start to live in this place, it will be hard to talk in private like this." Replied Silver as he fixed Hestia's messy hair

Unless we escape to the Church… But telling her that would ruin the fun of watching her think.

'The situation was really romantic, and Hestia had an inkling as to what was about to happen…'

"... B… bastard… Forcing me to say it!"

"... HAHAHA! Yeah, sorry about that, I just wanted to play a little, don't blame me…"


'After Silver laughed, he dropped his head and… Kissed Hestia!'


He… I… Kiss?


'Time passed, the seconds felt like eternities to her, was this really happening? Or had she fallen asleep once more?'

"Hm… Haa…"

'Their lips separated, it wasn't a deep kiss, only a simple yet pure kiss.'

'Silver let go of Hestia, allowing her to sit next to him, and she did just that, but she was so overwhelmingly embarrassed that she could barely raise her head.'

'Her heart raced as confusion settled inside her brain, she wanted to say something but only a blank would appear in her head.'


'Silver smiled, he turned his body and sat on the bed completely, staring at Hestia as she thought. He was relatively embarrassed as his face was a bit red, but he was much more relaxed than her.'

'This wasn't because he was more experienced because he wasn't… It was more because he has more self-control, he still feels awkward and embarrassed.'

'She looked at him sideways, her eyes darting around the place, but she took the courage to say something:'

"So… Um… I…"

What do I say?! This is so embarrassing… I am a failure…

"Sigh, that's not how you do it." He said with a cheeky smile

'Silver used telekinesis to make Hestia face him, and with his arms, he gently pulled her from the air until she sat on his lap.'


Too close!

'Silver put one hand around her waist and the other one on the bed. Their faces were now just a palm away from each other.'

"Now we can talk." He said as he looked at her blue eyes

'Hestia's face was so red that Silver thought she would go unconscious, but thankfully, she held it in and hugged him back.'

Was this a bit too early? I will keep it in mind.

'She rested her head on his chest and said:'

"Gi-Give me a moment to to to… Think…"

"You're stuttering."


'Silver started to caress her head as he said:'

"What is there to think about? Are you perhaps confused about what to do?"

'Hestia did not raise her head, but she nodded.'

"Well, this is a problem…"

'Hestia pinched his sides a bit…''

"Ouch… Just kidding… Albeit, unfortunately, I am not that experienced either so I will have to improvise."

'Silver pulled her head to his chest and said:'

"I… I love you… My cheerful and pampered Goddess, there is a lot I want to discuss with you so… Will you raise your head and talk?"


'The moment, Hestia heard his words, her body froze before it started to tremble, she raised her head but the only thing that she did was cry.'

"Wow, there is no need to cry…"

"Sniff… Of course, there is… Sniff… Is… I… Am so happy… That I…"


"... Alright then, cry as much as you want, I won't leave this spot anytime soon."

It's getting hard for me to keep a straight face man…

"No... No… I am fine already."

'She lifted her head, now covered in tears and even a bit of snout, Silver rolled his eyes as he took out a handkerchief from his inventory and allowed her to clean herself.'

"Thank you…"

What am I doing?! I must be very ugly right now… NOOOO!

My perfect moment… Ruined…


'Hestia cleaned her face and stared at Silver, unaware of what to say.'

'But Silver faked sadness, saying:'

"Hum… So I guess you don't love me..."

"?! No! I MEAN YES! WAIT I…"


'She noticed Silver's laugh, and she pouted. She also started to punch his chest lightly, and after a few seconds, she rested her face on his chest and said:'

"I love you too Silver..."

'And Silver pulled her close again and kissed her, making Hestia's already confused mind go haywire.'

'Silver saw that and started to talk:'

"To be honest, I already knew that you loved me."

"Huh?! Re-Really?"

'Silver smiled as he scratched his head.'

"Well, you don't really hide it well, and you talk a lot while you sleep so…"


'This was the sound of Hestia's soul-shattering into a million pieces… Her hopes and dreams of a romantic night scattering like ashes...'


'Silver face twisted to that of a demon…'

"Oh Silver… Don't… Not there…" Said Silver as he imitated her voice

'Hestia started to punch him harder…'

"Stop… Don't bring this up!" She said with a red face

'To this, Silver brought her close again and whispered in her ear:'

"Why don't you tell me what I did to you in your dreams? I am very curious."


'Hestia dropped her head, unable to look at him anymore, she held her shirt as she pulled it down instinctively…'

"N-N-N-N-Nothing…Much… Haha… ha…"

"Why don't you look at me when we talk?"

'Silver gently caressed her cheeks as he raised her chin, making her meet his eyes.'

"I… It's… Too early… I am not…"


'But Silver just patted her head slowly.'

"Do you know why I never replied to you, despite knowing your feelings?"


"It's because I am conflicted… Even though I think Gods aren't that much different from Mortals, I still can't stop thinking about it… About those few differences."

"Soon enough, it won't be just us, many relationships between Man and God end exactly because of this, because of mismanagement of time and priorities… If I can talk about it like this."

"And also, I am not ready to maintain a relationship yet… Much less one like this, but, I am willing to give it a try."

'Hearing this, Hestia smiled and touched Silver's cheek.'

"I'm also a bit confused, but I know we can work it out together…"

Step by step, right?

"Of course, it's only the start of our Familia."

'Silver and Hestia smiled, but the situation suddenly got awkward again.'

'Hestia was still sitting on his lap and she didn't want to get out of it! But she didn't know what to say…'

'Silver was satisfied with what he did today, so he decided to open his mouth to say:'

"Alright, I'm glad we talked this through… How about we go to sleep since tomo…"


'Hestia student exclaimed, her legs locked behind Silver. When she realized what she had done, it was already too late.'

'Silver looked at her with understanding eyes.'

"You know… I am a man, I am really trying right now but…"


'Silver gently pressed Hestia on the bed, holding her hands together not giving her any chance to escape.'

"I'm on my limit, and I have taken notice of your perversion."

"Si-Silver… Hm!"

'Silver kissed her without waiting anymore.'

'He kissed her for a long time before he stopped, allowing her to breathe before he did it again. All the while, Hestia's legs did not let go of him, and things started to get a bit too hot…'

'Hestia herself started to feel hot, so Silver decided to humbly 'help' her undo her clothes… You know, being a gentleman and helping a lady in need yeah?'

'He first took out her iconic hair clips, allowing her dark hair to flow onto the bed.'

'Different from in the show, Hestia bought those hair clips herself instead of it being a gift... Well, she was never poor to begin with, all thanks to Silver's hard work...'

'Following that, he then helped her remove her famed blue strip. He grabbed it and slowly raised it above her breasts, slowly removing it…'

'During this process, Hestia did not stop Silver, being completely entranced by him already, in fact, she started to get the hang of things as she slowly kissed his neck and lips.'

'Silver found it adorable, and he teased her nonstop due to how awkward and cute she was, making her pout and blush even more.'

"This is how you do it…" Said Silver as he kissed her again

Although I am not any better, I have the advantage!

"Ahhh... Mmmnn..."

'Silver stopped what he was doing, making the blue line squeeze her breasts, making Hestia release a cute noise, at the same time, he gently removed her gloves and threw them on the ground.'

'He looked at her eyes and kissed her again as he pulled the blue line, making sure to tease two very particular spots on her chest…'

'When he removed the blue line, the next step was her dress, it was a single piece all held together by… A single blue bowtie on her neck…'

(Image, I hope you are not horny!)


'Silver removed the bowtie, it was sudden and in one go, it even made Silver doubt just how this weak piece of fabric held everything together, even more, when you consider how heavy those two 'things' were…'

'But Silver related it to magic and forgot about this detail, it didn't matter, instead, ravishing his eyes on the view in front of him...'

'As soon as he removed the bowtie, Hestia's dress started to fall to her sides, exposing a large portion of her chest…'

'Of course, the sudden freedom of her breasts startled Hestia as for the first time in her life, she showed her body to a man… But to be honest, she already revealed a lot daily…'

'Extremely complex emotions coursed through her mind as she thought, but she was suddenly brought back to Genkai by Silver, who caressed her face.'

"Are you regretting this?"

I won't stop though.

"No! Never… I was just… I was… Just kiss me."

"Is this a divine decree?" He asked with a funny smile

"Shut up…" She said as she looked to the side, avoiding his gaze

"I didn't know that I was a religious person till today…"

'Silver smiled, he kissed her lips, but this time, he went a little beyond just her lips…'


'The foreign object inside her mouth startled her, but she didn't dislike the feeling, instead, it made her remember something terrific!'

When was the last time I brushed my teeth?!?!

Oh no! Oh no no no no… I was so worried at that time that I…

'Hestia soul was almost on the verge of returning to Tenkai on its own. But the feeling in her mouth brought her back from heaven.'

'This constant tug of war between her emotions made her feel strange, her body trembled as she felt something hot on her belly…'

'Silver realized something had happened, so he stopped kissing her and…'

"... Did you just?…"

"I.. I what?"

'Hestia was confused while Silver felt at the very top of the multiverse.'

I knew it, my true talent was hidden all along…

My tongue is so divine that I made her climax… Perhaps my eyes aren't the only thing silver about me… Silver tongue… Yeah…

'In the meantime, Hestia felt a bit wet and when she looked down, her expression twisted as she almost ran away in embarrassment.'


'But Silver did not allow her to, as he once again ravished her mouth with his tongue…'

'As he did so, he slowly pulled her dress away, fully revealing her beautiful breasts.'

"They are truly big… It must really hurt on your back."

"I… Am already used to it…"

'Hestia couldn't look at Silver anymore.'

"Are you already this embarrassed? It's only the start. I will teach you everything about the mythical art of 'Foreplay'... Slowly…"

'Silver caressed her breasts and played with them, all the while mixing in kisses and a few words, making Hestia feel as if she was in the clouds…'

'He pulled the tips and played with them, making sure they were hard, teasing Hestia all the way...'

'Nevertheless, Silver's words could do a bit of work, he is still a bit confused, but he has the spirit...'

(Who are you to judge him, narrator?)

'... Humph...'

'He felt he could do better, but it was then that it came to him, there was no need to be perfect, no need to do a lot at once… Slowly but surely, he will bring her to the moon… And in the future, to Heaven.'

'After all, he has yet to even use his Plasmids to 'spice things up'. But is there even a need to when he is this good already?'


'Somehow, in the middle of kissing and playing, Hestia got on top of Silver and sat on his lap, from this position, Silver continued to tease her, by kissing her blossom and playing with her bottom...'


'Hestia released soft moans every once in a while, allowing Silver to better understand what action had the best results, and he soon realized her breasts were unusually sensitive...'

'It didn't take long for Silver to fully undress Hestia… Almost, there was only one thing left… The white and (rather) wet piece of fabric that blocked his way to the forbidden fruit…'

"Un… Unfair…" Said Hestia as she gasped for air

'She grabbed Silver's shirt and pulled, but she couldn't muster any strength and only managed to pull him closer to her… Making him kiss her again.'

"I'll help you… But I didn't know you were so perverted…"

"I am not!"

'Chuckling, Silver removed his shirt, revealing his toned body, it had a few scars, but not many.'

'Hestia looked at them and sadness covered her face, she didn't remember each and every one of those scars but she remembered how he got several of these…'

'Perhaps if she had done her job as Goddess and helped him more, perhaps he wouldn't have those, right?'

"... It-It-It... Haa... It's not over yet." She said as she looked at his pants

"Please… Not my pants, I am shy… It's a dangerous place…"

"I never told anyone but I have a Dragon in my pants… A powerful Red Dragon… It must remain sealed..."

"#! You are getting on my nerves!" She said as she pulled his pants down


'Silver dramatically cried as he removed his pants under Hestia's gaze, and now semi-naked, Silver was on top of Hestia looking at her.'

"Satisfied?... Hello?"

'Hestia's sight went to his crotch, where she saw something very dangerous contained within… So mighty that its mere presence twisted the fabric of reali… The underwear…'

"My eyes are up here… As expected, your prevention knows no bounds…"

"I don't want to hear that from you!"


It's good that she is getting comfortable with this… My jokes are working…

But damn… This isn't easy…

'Silver was trying to maintain the lead, slowly helping Hestia figure out things for herself, but the problem was that he himself was also terrible at this…'

'He is also rather clumsy but his status as an adventurer made things easier.'



'Silver and Hestia looked at each other before they kissed again.'

'Silver kissed her neck, and then her chest, and then… Slowly making his way down.'

'He kissed her neck, her shoulders, the top of her breasts... He stopped there for a while, playing and licking her breasts before he made his way down again.'

'He teased her waist, making her angry and embarrassed before he proceed...'

'And he finally arrived at the last part… Carefully, Silver removed Hestia's panties…'

'Hestia felt so embarrassed as she felt her panties go away that she almost released her divinity…'


'Silver dropped Hestia's panties on the ground, and said:'

"Did I already say that you're beautiful? Because I will say it now and again."

"That… Just some pretty words…"

"It doesn't change the facts, it is the truth... You are gorgeous."

'Silver looked at Hestia's perfect vagina, it was the very definition of perfect.'

'There was no hair, perhaps, Gods can't have hair?'

'It was perfectly symmetrical and its…'

"How long are you going to stare?... Just…"

Ahhh! What did I just say?!

'Hestia's words took him out of his thoughts.'

'He opened his mouth to joke, but he stopped, it wasn't time for childish jokes…'


'Silver gently caressed the area around it, teasing her and making Hestia feel the most intense emotions she had ever felt…'

"I… I…"

'Something slowly came out of it, and Silver was once again, impressed with his own Skills.'

"How do you feel?" Asked Silver

"I'm… Okay… Continue."

'He nodded, slowly increasing the intensity of his 'handicraft', and after a few silent trembles of Hestia, his head dropped down, greatly confusing Hestia, but his reason for it was soon revealed...'


'At that moment, Silver showed what a silver tongue could really do...'

"P-P-Preash... No Mowre... I'll die..." Said Hestia as she breathed heavily

"That means we're done with the first part." Said Silver with a smile

"Th-There's more?..."

Could it be...

'Smiling, Silver slowly pulled his underwear down… Very slowly... And during the entire process, Hestia's eyes were fully open as she tracked his movement…'

"Do it faster!"

'Laughing, Silver snapped his fingers and his underwear just disappeared in magical light. Revealing the monster suddenly!'

"Oh… It's… Smaller than I…"

'Silver eyes almost jumped out of his cranium while his eyes glowed red. Bloodlust was almost released from his body…'

"This is only its normal state… Do not underestimate it… Else you may regret it…" He said as he gritted his teeth

I swear, I tried to show everything step by step but it only backlashed on me!!

"What do you…"

'To Hestia's horror, it slowly started to grow… Thicker, bigger, harder… The awakening of the Red Dragon.'

'The divine profaned it, and it is now going to show the universe who is its rightful owner…'

'Over 20 Cm of pure menacing oppression…'

"Wait wait wait! Make it stop… It's getting a bit out of hand!"

"Too late, you have humiliated it and it is angry, it demands a sacrifice."

"I-I am sorry..."

'Finally, it stopped growing, but being as hard as a spear, Hestia's confidence she had built up deflated…'

"There's no way that… Is supposed to…"

"Oh… Fearful now are you?..."

'Silver got really close to Hestia and said:'

"We'll start slow, so bear with me, it'll feel good soon."

'Silver grabbed his magnum dong and slowly teased Hestia's clit.'

'He wasn't afraid of kids or Std's, Gods can't have children nor can they transmit those…'


'With a muffled moan, Hestia once again climaxed, under Silver peerless foreplay.'

I knew it, I was born for this…

'Growing confident and bold due to his non-stop success, Silver took the last step.'

"Wait Silve… Ah!"

'Slowly, it penetrated her sacred garden… Deeper and deeper until…'

"I'm… Mmmm…"

"Are you okay?"

"It stung a bit but the pain already disappeared… Is that normal?"

"Why are you asking me that? Well… I did hear that it's different for each girl, some will feel pain while other won't feel much, going directly to the next part."

"The next part?"

"Hehe… This is where the fun begins…"

For most people at least.

"What do you mean… Ahh!"

'Silver slowly pulled… And moved again, and again…'

'He made sure to move slowly, to make sure it wouldn't hurt…'

I did well, I won't need any of those extra things…

"You can… Go deeper…"

I can't believe I said that!


I can't believe she said that!

'Smiling, Silver said:'

"You truly are perverted, but what can I do? Your order is…"

"I am not! AHH!"


Dammit! Why is she so perverted!

I refuse to last less than 2 hours... Time for my revenge for all of those teasings of yours during the last few months!

'And so it went, their first night together nothing too great, but just as meaningful nonetheless.'

'Tonight, the three great Virgin Goddess turned to two. Hestia the big breasted Loli had been conquered… By a mortal man no less.'

'Time slowly passed, Silver taught her more and more, and she orgasmed multiple times under his afront. It didn't help that as time passed, Silver grew more and more confident as he tried more 'daring' techniques.'

'Such as making his hand vibrate… But that's a story for another night…'

'Eventually, Hestia felt so tired that she just dropped, making Silver once again, very proud, but also rather disappointed…'

'He helped her lay on the bed and cleaned the rest before he went to take a shower, but he did not go to bed after that.'

'There are a few things he needs to do for tomorrow, and in a sense, he is happy this playtime of theirs didn't last too long as it would be pretty awkward if Hestia was to go welcome the future Familia members… Well, tired.'

'Silver's only regret were his blue balls as Hestia dropped before he could COOM…'

'When you are so focused trying to make your partner feel good that you forget about the most important… To feel good too...'

'The Red Dragon cried towards the Universe… But there was no one to calm it down…'





Until it came… The HANDO!

Just kidding.

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