2 Bye, I Will Leave First

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The top priority was to treat the wound on her head.

As she was about to stand up and treat her injuries, she smelled a strong stench in the air. The snake's dark red tongue came towards her.

The jade-horned python which had been watching her finally moved.

It was awakened by the sound of Jun Mohuang's fall. It was afraid at first, but seeing her fall on the crystal coffin without any response, it was relieved and decided to attack.

Jun Mohuang flipped over and avoided the attack. She pulled out a sharp, thin machete, and a few large holes appeared in the snake's tongue with a turn of her wrist.


The jade-horned python hissed in pain and retracted its tongue. It looked at Jun Mohuang angrily.

This was unreasonable. It had never been injured since it had molted.

It was extremely angry to be injured by a frail woman, and opened its mouth wide to bite Jun Mohuang.

Its mouth was 10 meters wide, and its fangs were two meters long. If bitten, one would definitely die.

Jun Mohuang turned and hid in the gap between the crystal coffin and the cliff. She put her hands together and chanted silently in her heart: Activate Magical skill β€” Protection!

Immediately, a transparent barrier enveloped her, and a rocket launcher appeared on her shoulders.

She aimed the launcher at the snake's mouth, quickly aimed and readied it, and pressed the launch button.

A loud boom was heard.

A large explosion appeared before her eyes. The huge impact was rebounded by the protection barrier around her.

Jun Mohuang kept the rocket launcher and looked for a way out.

The jade-horned python was blasted into a rock two kilometers away, and some of the collapsed rocks buried the snake's body. It struggled to move its tail several times before it was completely motionless.

The snake did not survive the strong explosion. It was no longer a threat to her.

She touched a jade pendant as she gently stroked her neck. Fortunately, she was wearing a piece of jade from Huangyu Space that stored a large variety of modern weapons. Otherwise, she would have been in a difficult situation.

Jun Mohuang breathed a sigh of relief, and took out a hemostatic pill from the Huangyu jade.

The lid of the crystal coffin was raised by the impact of the rocket launcher, and a man's face emerged from it.

His facial contours were deep, and he was handsome. His eyelashes were thick and long, forming a beautiful arch below his eyelids.

His nose was tall and sharp, and the shape of his lips was perfect. 3,000 black hairs were scattered beside his shoulders, and his body was wrapped in black clothing.

He was bound by chains as thick as nine adults' arms.

This man was perfect in terms of his looks and figure. It was a pity that he was dead.

Even after death, he was chained up securely by many chains, but he had a majestic aura, and must have been a fighter before his death.

What a pity.

Jun Mohuang sighed continuously. Suddenly, her gaze met a pair of blood-shot eyes. His eyes were as dark as the blood moon.

"Little girl. Are you done looking? I'm alive."

Jun Mohuang was not shocked. There were many medical cases where the dead suddenly came back to life, so this was not surprising.

"I have to thank you for waking me up."

His voice was deep with a hint of hoarseness. His bloody eyes gave off a sinister feel.

It was like a poppy, beautiful but dangerous.

The more beautiful and dangerous something was, the more she liked it. This man was exactly her type.

However, if he thought that she would put up an act for him, he was terribly wrong.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

Jun Mohuang looked at him a few more times before waving goodbye.

"You can continue staying here. I will leave first. Bye."

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