37 Sūn Wukong?


At the other examination site, the Pavilion where Martial Spirits are to be tested.

A girl walked into the hall for the test with confidence. There were only a few people within and they were elders of the sect and a few disciples here to assist.

The girl wore a milky-white dress. With her silver-colored straight hair tied to a bun, with bangs on both sides Of her face. She had an extremely beautiful face and almond-colored eyes.

When the examiners saw her, a middle-aged man standing in lead said, "Release your Martial Spirit for us to see and we will tell if it is qualified or not."

"I am sorry but you lot are not qualified to witness the glory of my Martial Spirt," she said with a neutral tone.

"What?!" The middle-aged asked in anger and surprise as he never expected such a response.

"The audacity!"

"Elder we should disqualify her at once. The reputation of the sect cannot be ruined by arrogant fools like her," an inner disciple by the side spoke to curry favor.

But before they could speak further in anger she brought out a jade seal and showed them.


They were all alarmed by what they saw as they knew what that jade seal meant.

The middle-aged man bowed hurriedly along with everyone else, especially the inner disciple who suggested her disqualification. He was the most fearful and bowed the deepest with his body shivering continuously.

"I am sorry for our insolence. We failed to see your esteemed identity," said the middle-aged man in a calm voice.

He was scared like the others and understood more than they did and in the same calm tone he asked, "But with your identity, you need not take these tests, why then?" He raised his head.

"I just wanted to see what the sect's tests were like first-hand," the girl said with a sigh.

"But unfortunately they were as boring as my grandfather said they would be."

"Your...your grandfather? The Master is your grandfather?" The man's tone wasn't calm anymore.

If before he was skeptical about the girl's relationship with one of the sect's powerhouses then now he wasn't skeptical anymore. And the truth was even more than he expected.

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing at all...so what now, Young Miss?" The man asked changing the way he addressed her.

By now everyone else had raised their head except for that one inner disciple.

"Now? I'll just wait for my grandfather to come and get me. I have already contacted him...hmm, he should already be here though," the put a finger on her chin thoughtfully.

"Hahaha! This little girl, you still like doing just whatever you want like always, huh?" An elderly voice was heard in the hall.

The voice was not unknown to anyone here and the middle-aged man, along with the rest of the disciples here bowed and spoke together.

"We greet the Supreme Guardian!"

An old man in gold and black silk robes appeared in front of the girl and smiled kindly at her. He turned to look at others and only gave a nod.

The middle-aged man and the rest heaved a sign of relief when they saw that the Supreme Elder was not going to find fault with them.

The girl smiled too and hugged him, "Grandpa! Thought you weren't coming!"

"Really? You mischievous girl, you have had your fun right?" The old man had an understanding look in his eyes.

"What fun, this whole thing was boring!" She separated from the hug and folded her arms, pouting.

It appears that her whole demeanor changed when she was with her grandfather.

"You think so?"

"Yes, or is there something that I don't know?"

The Supreme Elder smiled and said, "Come with me, there is something interesting going on."

The Supreme Elder waved his hand and he vanished along with the girl, leaving the examiners sweating hard.

"Phew, that was a close one..." Muttered one of them.

The middle-aged man also breathed out a sigh of relief, "Now that they are gone let us continue with the test, send the next participant in!"

A disciple at the entrance to the hall nodded and a young man walked in.

The young man had brown hair and yellow-colored eyes. His clothes were haggard and he was also barefooted. He looks like someone who lived a solitary life in the forest and coincidentally found his way here.

That was what the examiners thought when they saw him, only they did not know that they were not far from the truth.

Only that they did dare be dismissive anymore after the last event with the Supreme Elder's granddaughter.

So just to be sure they are not dealing with a but figure disguised as an ordinary person, the middle-aged man asked politely, "What is your name young one."

He wanted to probe the young man's Identity. Unfortunately for him, the young man just ignored him and looked around curiously, then he used his pinky finger to scratch inside his ear. To the examiners, he looked like an idiot.

The middle-aged looked at the others and saw that they were as bewildered as he was.

"Youngster, I ask again what is your name!" This time he spoke louder and with much lesser politeness in his tone.

"Huh?" The young man finally reacted and looked as though he just noticed the others in the hall.

"Oh sorry, I was just caught up with this building. I haven't seen one like this before in my life, hehe," he scratched the back of his head, smiling cheekily.

"Elder, this one's a country bumpkin, nothing to fear here," said the inner disciple who was previously suggested the other girl's dismissal.

The middle-aged man only glanced at him to shut his mouth, to which the disciple obliged.

'This guy doesn't seem to possess any special identity. But caution is free so...' Even though the Elder thought the young man was a nobody, he still decided to not act recklessly.

After all, it's not like anyone would beat him up if he doesn't act prideful. In fact, he could get beaten up if he had eyes but failed to see Mount. Tai.

"Once more, tell us your name," he said.

"Oh, that..." The young man went silent for a while and then to the confusion of the examiners, he closed his eyes.

'What in the Dao is wrong with this one?! Just say your name damn it!'

As the young man closed his eyes, the atmosphere changed within the room and only the middle-aged man sensed a strange will from the young man, which made him pay more attention to him.

As though he was trying to recall his name the young man took a deep breath and opened his eyes with now glowed a bit, unnoticed by the rest, he opened his mouth and said his name with confidence.

"I am..."

"Sūn Wukong!"

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