23 Luke Nightwalker


"That's the boy, catch him!"

A group of four ran out from another street and pointed at the boy before running towards him.

"Shit, they found me!" Said the boy as he ran in a random direction, not bothering to pick up the sack of coins that fell on the floor.

"Quick, don't let him escape!" A lady shouted, being the only female in the group of four.

The other three men who were dressed in black cloaks increased their speed as they chased after the boy.

In a few breaths of time, they had left the area, leaving a dumbfounded guard, wondering, 'What the hell?'

"Arthur, aren't those?" Helia asked Arthur.

They were on their way out of the Rose Gold Inn as Arthur suddenly felt like going for a stroll when they met the boy being chased.

"Yes, they are. Let's see what they are up to," Arthur said, and then he rushed out of the Rose Gold Inn, with Helia in tow.

A few minutes later...

"You have nowhere to run to now. Hand it over!"

The boy had been chased to an alley and was surrounded. He couldn't help it, as his pursuers were much faster than he was.

The one who spoke was the lady amongst the group. She had a scar on the left side a of her face.

Dressed in all black, she had a ferocious appearance and was smiling at the boy as she spoke. But that wasn't a kind smile at all.

"I already told you, I don't have it anymore," the boy said, with the sound of his voice normal for a boy his age, unlike the raspy voice he previously spoke with to the guard.

"Do you take me for a fool! I know you have it on you, so you better hand it over, or else..." Said the lady in a threatening tone.

The boy went silent, as he surveyed his surroundings once more. The other three men took out their weapons and drew closer to him.

He sighed and brought out a folded paper as he said, "Would you please let me after this?" He asked in a somewhat pleading tone.

He had gotten this map, from an old dying man, who told him that it was a treasure map. He happily took it and buried the man.

But who knew that he was seen by some dude called Nester who upon failing to negotiate with him, spilled the beans to this woman, who immediately hired these men to chase him?

"Of course, I only need the map and nothing more. After all, there isn't any enmity between us, just a clash of interest. Which I have won at this point," the lady said with a 'kind' smile.

The boy wasn't sure, but what can he do?


Just as he was about to throw the map to the woman, a whip arrived before him and snatched the map away before he could react.

"Who?!" The scar-faced lady asked angrily.

She followed the direction the whip returned to, and saw two figures on top of the roof of a house beside the alley.

"Hehe, nice one Helia. You are getting really good with your whip," Arthur said with a chuckle.

"Of course, I am the best after all," Helia replied with her chin up.

"Who the hell are you guys? Give me back my map!" The scar-faced lady shouted at Arthur.

Arthur just smile at her and didn't respond. He was waiting for a show.

"What are you guys waiting for?!"

"Attack them!"

The lady ordered the three men with her, but instead of doing as she said, one of them attacked her instead.


She got pinned to the ground with her hands held behind her back by one of the cloaked men.

After that, the other two men faced Arthur and bowed in unison saying, "Boss!"

Arthur laughed and said, "You all did well. I thought I wouldn't see you guys again."

Arthur had previously let the men go, on the premise that they would be at his beck and call. They happily agreed as they knew working for Arthur would benefit them greatly.

And although they were somewhat skilled, they had no idea why someone like Arthur who should have many powerful experts at his disposal would want them to serve him.

Which they were happy to by the way.


Arthur jumped down from where he was, and so did Helia.

As for the boy, he was still surprised by the turn of events and hadn't reacted fully.

'What is going on? Was he the one who sent them instead?' He asked himself while raising his wariness toward Arthur.

"So what's going on?" Arthur asked.

The leader of the trio whose name was Kaiser tied up the scar-faced lady while explaining the situation to Arthur.

"So that's a treasure map," Arthur said and looked at the map that was still by Helia like a trophy.

"Yes, but we are not sure what it contains," said another of the cloaked men.

Arthur didn't know his name so he just called him, number two. And the other he called number three, as he found out their strength in the group.

Number two was the second strongest after Kaiser their leader, and number three was the weakest of them, and also the youngest.

Arthur nodded at them and then turned to the boy who had not said anything till now.

"What's your name," Arthur asked.

"Luke... Luke Nightwalker," the boy said.

"Luke Nightwalker... Nightwalker? Why does that name sound familiar?" Arthur asked.

"He is the son of the eastern territory's greatest thief and conman, who was killed some years back," number three responded to Arthur's question.

"Oh yes, I remember now. Charles Nightwalker, a renowned thief, whose name had spread to the other territories. He is dead now?"

"Yes, he was captured by the King of the Lefay Kingdom and executed," number two said.

"Oh I see, but I didn't know he had a son," Arthur said as he looked at Luke with interest.

"We did not too, and only found out recently. So far, very few people in their world know of his origin," number three said.

While they were discussing, Luke clenched his fist tightly as memories of how his father was killed came to his mind.

Arthur noticed that change and decided to change the topic.

"Luke Nightwalker, do you despise your father's path?" Arthur asked suddenly.

Luke was taken aback by the question but he replied without any hesitation, "No!"

"Do you want to carry on his legacy?"

"Why are you asking this?"

"Just answer me. If you had powerful support unlike your father, would you dare make the name of the Nightwalkers resound once more all over the continent?"

This time, Luke nodded with a firm expression, "Yes!"

"Then work for me, and one day, you shall steal from the heavens itself!" Arthur said with a grin.


Arthur's words shocked Luke, especially the part about stealing from the heavens.

Luke had never dared dream that high. But he had to admit, the blood in him boiled at that.

After all, he was from a lineage of the greatest thieves on the continent, even though they had declined to leave only him as the successor.

"Yes, I will... Master," Luke said.

Arthur nodded and then turned to the scar-face lady that was still on the ground. She had been silent ever since.

"Now what do we do about her?"



----------End of Chapter--------------


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