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Immortal climb


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The mind is something that is always active, and that means that imaginations always run wild, this was also the case for a middle aged farmer named Wilford. This farm had been in his family for generations but eventually it had become boring, Wilford could no longer sit around till the soil all day, he was sick of it. Instead, he sold his cottage uncaring for what his ancestors might feel and set off to chase the story everyone knew, it was the story every parent told their child, the story about the tree that granted us life, the World Tree. (For now, this is considered a one-shot story, if you guys or gals and anything in between or out like it I would make a pro or post of the story.) Disclaimer : The main character will never be OP compared to the rest of him, it may seem like it due to the hinted immortality but he won't be.


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