50 Taking over 3

The squad visibly showed their disgust and contempt for the Zurtin Brites as they walked through the halls of the Academy, dead bodies, mangled from their design. 

Lenneza has ice spikes ready to launch at any moment, Walter and Yula were at the front, inching closer to their destination with alert senses. 

Yula, who was the vanguard along with Walter seems to be uncomfortable, but with stubborn will she never once allows it to show. 

Yula could remember it, the first iteration she was happy to be with this man, named Walter, he helped her be free and in turn, she couldn't help falling for him. 

But that didn't last long, Leonard's diary was found, and Walter went down a path that thoroughly disgusted everyone who liked and loved him. 



Two men tried to launch a rock with heightened speed, it's probably a gravitational spell considering the momentum and speed the rock flew. 

"Fuck, there's more of them."

One of the two men pointed at the squad, the place has evidence of extreme retaliation. Scorch marks on the floor and there are even some blood splatters then and there. 

"Let's finish the job, I don't want to get scolded because it was so hard to get through a glass window."

"Ugh… you tell me."

The two were casual, clearly not seeing the squad as a threat, and frankly, it was justified. They only see a bunch of rag-tag groups of children, but unfortunately for them, all of them have properly fought and had the necessary experience for it. 

"ignis gehennae"

Shout Abigail, one of the two mages in the group. A large piece of fire which was not only hot but bright surrounded the two men, which didn't clearly expect such a spell. 


The men, still casual, dodged the fire but the assault seemed not yet done, Yula and Walter separated the two and engaged in a one-on-one fight. 

"These kids are trained properly! What happened to the kids' assault?"

"If we can fight them here it means they fucking failed Hans, the hell do you expect?"

"Your opponents are over here!"

Walter seems agitated, the two men were casually talking as they also dodge Yula and Walter's attacks. Yula was showing her prowess, her martial arts surfacing as she uses her legs to kick the hell out of one of the men. 

"Those are nice legs!"

The man Yula was engaged in a fight with creepily chuckled, she was covered by Lenneza who was giving out instant spells to assist Yula's martial art. 

"You disgusting prick!" Yula yelled in contempt. 

All she got though was a chuckle from the man, casually he pulled a machete from his belt. Yula's instincts raged as they tried to warn her about the incoming danger. 

The machete came in with a blur, Yula was thankfully yanked backwards by a short burst of psychokinesis from Lenneza. The attack was swift as Yula could blink, it didn't even register what happened. 

"Oh, one has a good reflex! We need to get this one, Hans!"

"Nobles with their stubborn personality would be hard to brainwash, Keith."

The two men, still casual, fought back with ease, not giving any respite to the squad. The man named Hans was quick as a bullet, Walter was on his edge, and blocking the attack made his wrist hurt. 

The support of the mage behind him was the only thing keeping him alive, the support magic that made him move swiftly, haste, is being pushed to its limits. 

"These kids are easy enough, I guess the idiots responsible for this are fucking slacking."

Hans, as the other man called him, chuckled as he raised his own blade, eager to end their charade. The two men were just playing by their standards, not enough to be a hindrance. 

"I'm not good with babysitting."

Hans wrought down his blade, it was quick as it was raised. The lightning-fast speed of the blade was hard to see. Walter, who knew what was coming, was dodging but that didn't matter. 

It opened a large wound in his chest, he barely knew what was coming down to him. 

"Walter!" Screamed Abigail.


Walter could only growl in pain, as he tried to close the open wound, he swore he could see the white bones of his chest slightly poking out. 

The squad is outmatched. With both power and speed, Walter could only look in indignation as he tried to stay conscious, blood threatening to bleed from an orifice. 

Abigail tried her best to heal Walter, but that took time as she chanted her spell as well. 

Hans, who was walking with little care raised his blade, clearly aimed at Abigail, the mage who was with Walter. 

"Keith, Finish your babysitting, we need to destroy that display drawer."

"Fine, fine. My mana is up anyways."

The two men who never saw the squad as a threat decided to finish the job, for the first time in a while Walter felt his heart was about to jump out of his chest. 

He survived too many tribulations, why now? Shouldn't he have volunteered to fight when the Red-headed boy formed a party of two?

No that would be stupid, even with the immense killing intent the man named Hands just deployed he wasn't scared. No, he thought it would be a waste if died there. 

With the indignation of dying and the itch of his healing wound. Walter clamped his hands on the sword that he had ever since they were young. 

"Damn you!"

Walter screamed some blood sputtering out of his mouth as light from his sword shined enough to blind Hans. The reaction of the man was kind of bland though. 

"Sword mana— man that's too bright!"

Hans commented casually, this man never had a moment of danger even at this time. That cost him an arm as Walter slashed upwards releasing a light that shoot out of his sword. 

"Ahh! What the hell!?"



Noise was made from flesh dropping on the ground to the clanging metal of a well-made blade. 

"God damn it, Hans."

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