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you are right, master! this chapter was great! Your mother is beginning to behave like your true lover, and that's good! And really, there's no need for tian to win another woman now, so I hope you deepen and further solidify the relationship of tian, his aunt and mom! That said, thanks for another chapter!


The grammar and spelling is really, really bad. Yes, the author already acknowledged this and asked people not to complain about it, but in the end, it is such a major part of a story that there is no getting around it either way. You should simply not start writing and posting things like this before you reach a basic level of how to present a story. Somehow you have an editor and proofreader, yet the result is still this horrifying. I can only dread what the first draft is like. My advice to you if you want to keep posting your stories is to look for someone else to edit and correct your chapters, because the one you're using right now is basically worthless. The content is even worse than the grammar, somehow. A creepy ass guy beats up "thugs" and then proceeds to extremely awkwardly "flirt" with the woman he saved until he got her pants off. That whole sequence of flirting read like something out of a 14 year old kid's fantasies. It has no basis in reality or actual human behavior. Same with the aunt and mother. They see him naked and just start having sex immediately. It is not only completely childish writing, it is just bad storytelling altogether. A lot of the fun in a relationship is in the chase, in overcoming obstacles and feeling like you have achieved something when you finally reach your goal. The draw to taboo stories is that there is a sense of danger and conflict even /after/ the relationship has started, that there is some reluctance and breaking of rules. You ignored all of this. Even if your grammar was perfect, your story would still be borderline unreadable. Work harder on yourself as a writer before posting things. This right here is the equivalent of a 5 year old making a finger-painting and wanting to show it off in an art gallery. You're just not ready.


Great story, but author need to edit/make grammar edits as needed.


The latest chapters are honesltu disappointing, and Ling Xing Xue is a disappointment, Xiao tian accepted the fact she was married and even had a child and she broke up with him die to cheating which is understandable, but the fact she even goes on a date and is maybe going to devlop feelings for the mcs other identity is basically ntr, she is just a slut


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If you're here for the r18 then go ahead but be warned after the first 200 chapters or so we discover that the MC is a piece of trash that doesn't care if an innocent is harmed if it's to achieve his goals. He's your typical wuxia young master that's a good guy on the outside but a scummy manipulative junk on the inside. I don't understand how a person so devoid of empathy can develop "love" for others. My guess is that it's just a possesive obsession fueled by lust. Romance this? Nah we are just following the adventures of a nymphomaniac


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Good novel 😃🥰 #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok #Ok


i'm stop reading this novel after knowing that mc become really trash at chapter 200+, i dont know what on the earth author thinking when the author make mc turn from Decent Person into typical trashy young master from chinese novel.


This review based on the development of the story after XT caught cheating. Well how can i define this, after being caught cheating, XT becomes like someone begging for love. I know the purpose of this conflict, but the conflict was taken too long without any resolution. And honestly for me, you make the harem personality such as LXY not worth for XT after all he do to get her daughter back and last hes pretend to be someone just to get to LXY again? Thats a no move from me


This kind of story is all i need, i love all mature women in this novel. Who cares about the cliché of story? The most important thing is i do really enjoy this dog fod and steamy story!. "PLEASE DO NOTE, DEAR AUTHOR, most novels of its type have a high drop rate, I really hope you to finish this novel to the end, if indeed a situation forces you to not be able to continue this novel, please give a satisfying ending, no problem even though a rush ending, at least there is still an ending rather than not at all. Because this is one of my most favourite webnovel


im here for science, i dont care about bad grammar or anything as long i still can understand the story. overall is 5/5 for nsfw scene and i hope this novel keep stay away from ntr, betrayal or anything dark


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Thanks for the updates consistency really like that, going to see if this lives to the hype...don’t disappoint me... * * * +*****+*********+*********+*****+****+*****+******+


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