530 Olivia

Olivia hummed the tune as she walked to her parents' room in order to bid them goodnight. However, the moment she closed her hand on the knob, she heard her mother's angry voice. 

"Silver Vales pack?" her mother shouted. "I will not give my daughter to the traitors of the Silver Vales pack. Never! Handing them to her would be an insult to our tribe and whatever we have built so painstakingly in our lands." 

"You think I don't know about that, Kaia?" her father's voice boomed in the room, leaving her frozen on the door. She waited for his next sentence, feeling like she was going to wither. "Do we have a choice in this matter? It's either we give her hand to the suitor in Silver Vales or we await her destiny which looks horrible at this point of time! And we all know that if she is not going there, what he would do to her, or to any of us." 

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