If I Shall Ever Forget You Book

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If I Shall Ever Forget You


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"LEINA!!! WAIT!!!" I tried to chase after her as she walked away from me as she walked rather gracefully her steps quiet. Her back was turned to me & her hair slapped gently against her back & shoulders. "PLEASE!!! STOP!!!" She then froze for a bit causing me to come to a sudden halt & I accidentally fell over onto my face as a result. She then took a shaky breath, turned to me & with tears in her eyes, she smiled. "Sora, I'm sorry. But...I have to go. You may not know it yet but, when you turn 18, you will learn that my leaving of this world is going to benefit everyone. If I don't leave, then, the world will fall into ruin." Fall into ruin...?! What...?! "LEINA!!! I-I-" "Goodbye, Sora~" She said as she waved at me. She then vanished in the blink of an eye & I suddenly found myself falling backwards & then hurtling towards...I don't even know. All I knew was that my best friend was gone & I needed her back. I NEEDED to know what her words meant & why HER of ALL people had to leave the world...


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