1 "HOME"

"SORA!!! WAKE UP!!!" My mother yelled. I just rolled around in my bed lazily with the covers halfway over my face. I then heard my mother clear her throat rather loudly. "SORA!!!" She tried again. I still didn't respond. "SORA!!! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!!!" She yelled. I just rolled around again inside of my blanket as if I were a human burrito & quickly found myself rolling off of the bed by accident face first. Moaning & groaning, I slowly got onto my feet & scratched my hair rather roughly & then forced myself to walk down the hall. As I trudged down the stairs, I heard a loud clattering sound which startled me causing me to wake up ever so slightly. Then from the corners of my eyes, my younger sister, Nora, raced through the entryway at full speed & pulled her right arm back, hand in a tight fist & PUNCHED me hard across the face. It caused me to smack my chest & stomach rather violently into the stair's railings & I toppled over them & landed flat onto my back. "SORA!!! STOP BEING SUCH A LOSER!!!" She spat her eyes basically on fire.

I got back onto my feet & rubbed the bridge of my nose as I shot her a sharp glare. "Mom was trying to call you down for breakfast. Ignoring your own mom will only lead you to live a terrible life as you get older. Now DON'T be such a...a..." She mouthed something but quickly covered her mouth in shock & blushed at herself. I rolled my eyes & shoved past her. "S-SORA!!!" Nora yelled in annoyance. I sat down at the table & found myself feeling tired all over again. "Sora, you're foods already cold. You better eat it before it all turns black & flies swarm around it. You've got school in an hour so, make it fast." Mother said with her back turned to me. I just furrowed my eyebrows at her & began to eat what was in front of me. Half-burnt sausages, a pancake that still looked more like a gloopy mess than it probably should be & a pitiful-looking glass of milk. As I grabbed the glass of milk, Nora suddenly ran at me with a loud roar as if she were getting ready for a big fight & smacked it out of my hands.

I watched as it fell onto the hard tile ground & shattered making our mother shriek & glare at us from over her shoulder. We both shivered at this & Nora blushed out of embarrassment. "Clean it up, you two." She hissed out. Nora then picked up a piece of glass & hissed in pain as it cut the palm of her hand. Tears then began to fill her eyes as she dropped it & it only shattered into more but smaller pieces of glass. Bending down, I helped her in picking up some of the pieces & while they DID cut my hands a bit, I didn't really mind it. As I collected all of the pieces, I made my way over to one of the kitchen drawer, pulled out some saran wrap, wrapped the glass tightly into them & then tossed them into a small plastic bag & dropped it into the trash. My mother just watched from the corners of her eyes. I glanced up & noticed that she was chopping some vegitables & some small cracked pills were sitting next to her cutting board.

I ignored them though & cleaned off my eating area. "S-Sora..." Nora breathed out. "..." I glanced back at her & gave her a faint smile. "Get ready for school, Nora. It's your first day at middle school, isn't it?" I said as she watched me grab my backpack. "I'm going to grab some snacks to eat. Do you want anything?" She just stared at me blankly. "Umm...maybe some chocolate pudding...?" She said rather quietly. "Sure. But, you, unfortunately, won't be able to eat it until after school, alright?" She just nodded. As I got my things together, I headed out the door & waved them both goodbye. As the door shut, Nora suddenly began to quiver. That's when mother dropped everything, turned to her, & out of nowhere, she kicked her hard in the ribs sending her tumbling to the ground. As she fell with a hard thud, she then bent over her with her arms stretched out wide & began to ever so slowly choke her.

Nora began to tremble & slapped her in the face but, her mother wouldn't let go. As her grip got tighter & tighter, the front door suddenly SLAMMED open startling them both. Then with a loud roar, she watched as her brother charged at their mother & he proceeded to run up to her side & kneed her as hard as possible in the side of her head sending her tumbling off of the girl.

Panting, Nora scrambled back up & stared her brother in the face as she rubbed at her throat. He just glared at their mother & Nora glanced back at her as well & as she looked around the kitchen, her eyes landed on her crushed pills which she had obviously failed to take, most likely on purpose. Hugging herself, Nora sighed & got back onto her feet. "Brother, you should...go." She said, her voice faint & her smile small. Sora just grabbed his sister's wrist by force startling her & dragged her with him until they were both out front. Once the door slammed shut, Sora looked deep into her eyes, long & hard.

"Nora, you're only 12. I'm 17. There's no way that you'd be able to defend yourself without my help. If I hadn't have arrived on time, then, you could've passed out or even worse..." He said trailing off once he realized that Nora was on the brink of tears. He sighed & rubbed the top of her head. "Let's go grab some snacks before school starts, alright? How's that sound?" He asked trying his best to smile & sound cheerful. Nora sniffled & faintly nodded. As they began to walk off, under her breath, Nora whispered, "I miss father..."

Sora tried to ignore her words but, it was tough. Their father had been arrested back when Nora was only 8 & he was 13 due to issues involving money & illegal "VACATIONS." This is what led to their mother to destroy herself knowing that she most likely would never see her husband again & even the sight of her own "WONDERFUL ANGELS" didn't seem to perk her up at all. In fact, 99% of the time, she'd walk around & act as if they were little ghosts as she'd casually drink alcohol & try to hook up with sketchy men on the internet in her spare time instead of showing them love & happiness, even during holidays. But, Sora just smiled & shook his head. "They're no good, Nora. It's fine. We don't need parents in order to be happy. We have school friends & snacks to keep ourselves busy, right?" He chuckled.

Nora nodded again but, this time, she looked a bit hesitant & doubtful.

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