702 Corporate office baffling rumors

When Heaven came into the office the next day, she immediately knew something was wrong. Although it wasn't the same awkwardness as when there was a ridiculous rumor about her, nor was it the same as when they misidentified Tiger as her husband. It was different, but somehow, she couldn't pinpoint what it truly was.

"Hmm…" Heaven looked over the monitor screen to peek at everyone. She caught some of her co-workers looking in her direction. But instead of looking away as they should have, they flashed her their brightest smiles.

Heaven flinched as she nearly got blinded by the bright smiles she had been receiving since this morning. It all started with the guard at the entrance, greeting her with a "good morning" when he would usually focus on who goes in and out of the company. Even on her way to the art department, everyone greeted her.

This was what she meant when she said there was something wrong.


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