You’re Not My Mom’s Daughter

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What happened at the theaters yesterday was so awkward that Bai Weiyang feared Lin Haoran would ignore her from now on.

Now that there was such a great opportunity, how could she not grasp it and use it to mend her relationship with Lin Haoran?

Hence, the scene just now was the outcome.

Now that Bai Changle threw the accusation at her face, Bai Weiyang paused and immediately defended, "I had an emergency and was a bit far away from here. That's why I came late." 

Thereafter, she sat on the bed and grabbed Xie Luan's hand in an affectionate manner. "Mother, you won't blame me, right?"

'If I died, I really wouldn't be able to blame you.'

Xie Luan hid the disappointment from her eyes and faintly smiled. "We are a family. There's no need to talk about blame."

Naturally, there was no point in dwelling on it. She had been gravely disappointed anyway. Right now, she didn't want to worry about it.