Won’t Marry Anyone But Lu Ye

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"Lu Ye, you're going too far. We're classmates after all. How could you be so harsh to Haoran?" Lin Haoran's friend was naturally on Lin Haoran's side.

Lu Ye looked coldly at Lin Haoran who was being supported and enunciated each word clearly, "Lin Haoran, Yan Yan is already my wife. IdDon't care what you think about her in your heart. From now on, delete it all! If I find out that you covet Yan Yan again, I won't let you go! Even in front of the officers, I will beat you until your teeth fall out!"

The corner of Lin Haoran's mouth was covered in blood. He spat out a mouthful of blood and then looked up at Lu Ye.

He couldn't say a word.

But his eyes were full of hatred.

Lu Ye sneered and said, "Why do you hate me? If you want to hate me, then go hate your wife, Bai Weiyang!"

When Lin Haoran heard Lu Ye's words, he lowered his eyes, which were full of hatred that could not be stopped.