Very Much Like An Old Friend

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Gu Yan still had that smile on her face. She was beautiful, and when she smiled, she gave off a very gentle feeling, making people unable to take their eyes off her.

And at this moment, her gaze was burning and filled with confidence.

"There's no such possibility," she continued, "I'll definitely get into the Empire's first Academy."

Elder Lu was shocked by this girl's arrogance.

More importantly, this confident and arrogant little girl somehow overlapped with his old comrade in the depths of his memory.

He narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at Gu Yan. He suddenly realized that he hadn't noticed it before, but when Gu Yan had said those words just now, elder Lu realized that Gu Yan actually looked a bit like that person.

It was the kind of expression that was filled with vigor, confidence, and determination. It was as if stars were jumping in her eyes.