This Is For My Girlfriend

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Hearing the familiar voice, Lu Ye kept calm and maintained a slight smile.

"My home is close to this place. It shouldn't be unusual for me to be here, right? But what about you? Yaqin, didn't you go overseas?"

Song Yaqin wore a rice-colored fashionable long dress. She had a white knitted fleece on top. She was 1.65-meter tall with a seductive figure.

She possessed a classically beautiful face. However, after hearing Lu Ye's response, her smile turned awkward.

In the next second, she looked as though she was wronged.

"Ye, I don't mean it that way…" She bit her lips. There were tears welling up in her eyes.

The two of them hadn't seen each other for some time. 

To Song Yaqin, Lu Ye became more handsome and manlier. Her heart could not help but skip a beat.

After all these years, she realized she still couldn't let go of Lu Ye.