So Adorable Even When She Rolled Her Eyes

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Of course, Lu Ye was feeling unpleasant. 

He deliberately left his number in his jacket pocket, but this heartless little thing, two months went by and she never called.

At least she could've called him to return his jacket, that would provide a reason for them to meet. 

Lu Ye squinted and looked at the Gu Yan in front of his eyes. Her skin seemed to have gotten fairer, her body had become more voluptuous, her eyes were even brighter, the neat military uniform looked even better on her body. 

The skinny little bean sprout was slowly starting to change. 

When Lu Ye's eyes saw the round mounds, his gaze got deeper, then, he looked away. 

Gu Yan had no idea what this person in front of her was thinking about. She was worried that Zhang Lan and Ironsmith Wang would step out and see her, so she immediately grabbed Lu Ye and said, "come, let's talk elsewhere."