"Sigh, don't mention it. It's all because of Lin Haoran, that bastard's father. He told my mother I was dating someone." 

Lu Ye was annoyed at the mention of Lin Haoran. He really detested the person.

In the darkness, Gu Yan smirked. "Like son, like father."

Lu Ye found it amusing. "Isn't it the other way around?"

"No, although Lin Jiangdong is indeed not a good person, he has his bottom line compared to his son."

Gu Yan just realized she understood the Lin family too much than an ordinary person. She became worried Lu Ye would ask about it, so she quickly interjected, "Then... your mom… what did she say?"

"I simply said I am trying to make things work first. She is very curious about you."

Lu Ye knew his mom would most likely disagree, but he didn't want Gu Yan to have this worry now, so he didn't mention it.