Rebuking Song Yaqin 

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Song Yaqin had to tolerate Lu Ye and Gu Yan's acts of intimacy the entire way to the hospital. Gu Yan gave her another critical hit.

Because Lu Ye had gotten out of the car to get his luggage, Gu Yan turned around and smiled at Song Yaqin, who was planning to visit mother Lu with them. She asked curiously, "Miss Song, are you really going to visit auntie with us?"

Song Yaqin squeezed out a few words from between her teeth. "What's wrong? Can't I?"

"Auntie was injured two days ago. Haven't you come to visit auntie all that time?"

"Of course I've seen her!" Song Yaqin looked at the smile on Gu Yan's face and was furious. She glared at Gu Yan.

However, Gu Yan was not frightened by her gaze. She continued to smile and said, "Then, if you've seen her, why are you still here?"

Song Yaqin: "..."