Please Let Us Be!

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There were too many things that happened just now. Song Yaqin had already hidden herself and quickly adjusted her state of mind.

She did not expect that Gu Yan was actually the daughter of the Bai Family!

If Gu Yan had the status of the Bai family, then she would not be able to compete with Gu Yan!

In addition, Lu Ye had always been very cold and heartless to her…

Song Yaqin washed her face with cold water to calm herself down.

Although she still thought that Lu Ye was more handsome and perfect, Lu Ye's heart was not with her, and it was even harder to snatch him away.

Xiao Mosheng's talent was obvious. If Xiao Mosheng left her, what would happen to her songs in the future?

She did not know how to write her own songs.

Before she found a man as outstanding as Lu Ye, she absolutely couldn't lose Xiao Mosheng!