Needs A Beating

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Zhang Cuihua's eyes shifted away. She didn't have the courage to look at Gu Yan.

Meanwhile, the murmurs of the crowd around them grew louder.

Li Haili frowned when she saw the situation. "Zhang Cuihua, Gu Yan, come to my office."

She held the pen and walked in front of the two girls.

Zhang Cuihua followed without missing a beat.

Shen Jiayi pulled Gu Yan's sleeve with worry. "Gu Yan, what are we going to do?"

"Help me get a bag." Thereafter, Gu Yan proceeded to Li Haili's office.

Guo Rou, who was also worried, said, "It seems Gu Yan really wants to beat up Zhang Cuihua this time."

This Zhang Cuihua was too wretched anyway. Even Guo Rou wanted to beat her up.

Gu Yan walked every step steadily.

She knew Zhang Cuihua framed her. Unfortunately, cameras were not available during this era, and they didn't have the means to verify fingerprints for something this small.