My Biological Parents Are Different People

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Bai Changle's attention was on the red rope around Gu Yan's neck, so he did not react at all. He was kicked in the butt by Lu Ye so hard that he immediately stumbled and fell onto the grass, biting into a mouthful of grass.

Gu Yan was a little confused. What happened?

Bai Changle had been laying there in an extremely strange position a moment ago. The next moment, he jumped up and rushed in front of Lu Ye.

"Lu Ye, what are you doing? !"

"Where were you looking at just now?" Lu Ye's gaze was very dangerous. He clenched his fists so tightly that they made cracking sounds. "Bai Changle, did you forget your criminal record?"

Bai Changle was stunned.

Gu Yan felt very helpless. Why did Lu Ye always bullied Bai Changle.

She took a step forward and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Lu Ye.

Lu Ye said, "Yan Yan, hurry up and go in and get your things."