Mrs Lin’s Taunting

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Bai Changle also knew that the dinner tonight had been canceled. After consoling his mother over the phone, he went to work on the mission.

Because it was Lu Ye who said that the next assessment of the Snow Wolf Unit might use one of his missions as a assessment, Bai Changle put in 120% of his energy to carry out the mission given by the leader.

While everyone was busy with their own matters and the matter of the jade pendant was pushed back, Lin Haoran was frowning in the Lin family study.

What an old fox!

He actually asked him to choose between the wedding and the Snow Wolf Unit!

Or, he could postpone the wedding!

In fact, if Bai Weiyang had not caused such a ruckus, Lin Haoran would not have thought of using the wedding to gain the Bai family's backing.

However, when Bai Weiyang took the initiative to set up this ruckus, it was also when Lin Haoran knew about the snow wolf unit assessment, so he went with the flow.