Lu Ye’s wife was so fierce

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Lu Ye's smile was very warm. His bright eyes were like vibrant stars.

Gu Yan instantly felt that the sadness and negative emotions that were swirling in her heart were slowly being dispelled by Lu Ye's burning smile.

Even if she didn't return to the Bai family... it was fine.

She still had Lu Ye!

Gu Yan suddenly went forward and hugged Lu Ye. Feeling the warmth on his body, her previously sad and uneasy heart finally slowly calmed down.

The cook soldiers beside him immediately widened their eyes.

Sigh, sigh, Mrs. Lu was so fierce. She straight up hugged captain Lu!

Lu Ye was also a little confused by his little wife's sudden warm embrace. He stretched out his hands awkwardly, like an eagle spreading its wings.

The thing was that his hands were covered in oil, and he was worried that he would rub his hands on his little wife.